13 People Who Are Sitting on Big Ol’ Secrets

Some people love secrets. They love to be in the know, they love to have things to hold over people, or they just enjoy being “that” person in town – the one who could ruin anyone at any moment but usually chooses not to because she’s a good person.

Other people hate secrets, because they’re notoriously hard to keep, and honestly, being in charge of keeping something quiet that could ruin someone’s life comes with a lot of stress!

These 13 people are sitting on those big sort of secrets, but I’m not sure they all hate it.

13. Oh. My. Laundry.

My coworker drunkenly confessed to a murder to myself and another coworker. He told us the story, the details (including the victim) the location if the body, and the motive.

I’ve actually reported it to Law Enforcement but they never followed up with me. They either don’t believe me or they have investigated and found nothing to prove, or they’re still investigating it.

It’s possible he made the whole thing up, but I’ve literally seen him pull a gun on someone before, and almost kill them.

I know he’s killed people on deployment before (not the same thing, but still a factor).

I just also know him enough as a person, to know he is probably being honest about it.

12. At least it all turned out ok in the end.

I know my mom had an affair with my stepdad. My dad got drunk once and spilled the beans to me. Stepdad was the next door neighbor. This all happened when I was 3 and I’m in my 40s now. All parents involved are long over that and were all very good parents.

So no point in bringing it up. But it’s an interesting little family secret that I’m positive my mom and stepdad don’t know I know.

11. A complicated tale.

This girl I know who is now married and has 2 kids doesn’t know her now husband cheated on her several times with prostitutes in the Philippines while deployed. I knew when they were just dating I just didn’t know how to tell her.

The other secret is, this girl I know gave her husband a box of goodies for Valentine’s Day along with a thong as a sexy teaser since he was deployed. He decided to tie it onto the stuffed animal she gave him.

He noticed the next day the thong that was tied really good onto the stuffed animal was missing. A couple days go by and he saw the thong in a guys bed. The guy is his best friend. Their wives are best friends.

10. A special place in hell.

I slept with a girl for several month and she told me she was seeing someone but it was’nt serious or anything; i later found out that someone was her husband, she was married !!

9. Why do people feel the need to confess at work?

I know several people that I work with who have cheated on their spouses.

it shocked me as I started working in more established and professional settings, how common this is.

8. Don’t keep that secret.

My father passed and my uncle and his wife plundered his bank account.

They’re trying to tell me I’m not next of kin so kicked off when I froze my fathers account – they were gonna keep his disability benefits going in for 6 more weeks.

Because they did this with a few family deaths pre Internet era they thought they could do it again. They have two weeks to return all monies or I’m reporting them myself although I assume the bank is now on to them.

7. She must not be very bright.

That my married friend regularly fu**s her neighbor.

She’s married to a rich older guy and has no other means of supporting herself. If I spilled the beans, she’d be up S*%t Creek.

6. That poor kid.

One guy I know in high school wears diapers to bed because he still pisses the bed, he’s popularish so I could spread that like wildfire if I wanted.

But were buddies, he doesn’t know I know and that’s the way I’ll keep it.

5. She probably knows he’s a jerk.

I know one guy who cheated on his wife in their bed a week before they got married. It was his bachelor party. I think maybe she was out of town for the bachelorette party and his was in town. I knew the whole group but wasn’t part of the bachelor party.

They came into the bar I worked at when half of them were so f**ked up they couldn’t walk. No big deal since pretty much all of our staff was friends with all of them.

The groom picked up a woman that some of us called Nasty Amanda(not actual name, but we called her Nasty and then her name). He literally said “I’m going to go f**k her in my bed,” like it’s something to be proud of.

As much as I’ve known him for probably close to 20 years, he and his brother are entitled s*%t bags. There’s been a few times I’ve thought of telling his wife. I’m not the only one that knows. Most of the bachelor party went back to his house after they left the bar. There are witnesses.

4. Why are men.

A rich businessman in my neighbourhood is meeting with a hooker on regular basis. I guess that could mess up a lot if his wife knew.

3. Ugh, hate this.

My ex sexually assaulted me after we broke up. We got into a horrible argument and things escalated. He is now married with a successful career, a house, and an infant son.

I wonder if he ever thinks about it.

Unfortunately, campus police didnt do much at the time; this was about 8 years ago and I have since moved on. I will never forgive, nor forget.

I now live 1,900 miles away from that place and him.

2. That’s going to be ugly one day.

My cousin thinks her dad died in a car crash but it wasn’t her real dad. Her real dad is dead now too though. Most of the family knows but she never found out.

Her brothers are her half brothers not full. She has no idea.

1. Many many.

My neighbour is having an affair with his sons primary school teacher, behind both his own wife’s and her husbands back…

Been going on now for a little over four months. So feasibly how many lives could I ruin or enlighten?

I’m a not-secrets person.

If you’re keeping a big one, share it with us in the comments!