13 People Who Know For Sure Marriage Is Not As Easy As It Looks

I mean, I don’t know if marriage looks easy to anyone who has given it at least one go, but there are always those sweet summer children out there who think it’s going to be a blissfully simple and fulfilling way to live out their days.

There’s no real way to disillusion someone who wants to have stars in their eyes, but listen – you don’t want to get into any contract without knowing what your signing, do you?

If you think you’re ready for the truth, these 13 people are telling it below.

13. You get one bless you.

No one has time for any more than that.

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12. Every dang time.

They just want us to think they’re clueless.

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11. The person who invented the snooze alarm definitely wasn’t married.

I hope someone made their life miserable eventually.

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10. That’s going to cause some trouble.

But at least something she does makes you happy.

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9. I’m sure that was his plan all along.

Except now he’s pretending he doesn’t hear you so he doesn’t have to get up.

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8. The therapist is definitely a woman.

Because she totally gets it.

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7. No judge is denying that.

You have an airtight case.

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6. If we can hear it, it’s too loud.

I’m sorry, but those are the rules.

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5. This is a serious offense.

It takes forever to get those things just how you want them.

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4. Especially if only one of you cleans the kitchen.

Looking at you, my fellow wives.

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3. That’s obviously something that needs to be done.

…if you’re trying to stay out of the house, anyway.

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2. It’s like you exist to drive me crazy.

Either that or you just hate me.

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1. It’s not a bad reason.

We all need someone to shoulder the load on occasion.

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See what I mean? Look before leaping, people, and do your best to really get to know that person before signing on the dotted line.

What’s something your partner does that drives you nuts? We’re here for your confessions in the comments!