13 Pets Flaunt Their Serious Post-Adoption Glow-Ups

There’s nothing better in the world than a dog, cat, or other pet who has been at a shelter for way too long finding a new, loving home. We all hate the stories of how animals are abused or abandoned, or otherwise find themselves in caged purgatory through no fault of their own.

Well, actually, there might be one thing better – getting to see how different they look after some love and a haircut.

These 13 pets got adopted and just wait until you see the glow-ups.

13. She’s not even mad about being on a diet.

That’s really saying something.

It has taken 2 years since we adopted her, but Reba has dropped more than half her weight and I couldn’t be more proud of her.
byu/OkieDogDad inaww

12. Look at that smile, y’all.

There’s so much hope in his eyes it’s killing me.

ADOPTION DAY! This is Tucker!💙
byu/shes-wandering inaww

11. He’s got long, beautiful hair.

And he knows he’s gorgeous.

Three years ago today, I adopted this terrified little soot sprite, Tina, from a rescue org. Look at that Glow up!
byu/Bedroom_Bellamy inaww

10. That floof is impressive.

He’s clearly so well taken care of.

Today marks 3 years since I adopted Merlin. Here he is when I first met him and the handsome boy he is today. 🥰
byu/RT822 inaww

9. Oh that poor baby.

He was just begging for a bandanna.

My brother’s dog, Ricky, before and after adoption.
byu/ChiefWolfy inaww

8. It’s the confidence for me.

Like, yes I am adorable and loved now!

The day after Asher was adopted in 2012 vs. today
byu/EricaH121 inaww

7. Wow, look at that.

He was a circle before!

Adopted this cute and (very) overweight kitty a few years ago, put him on a diet and now he’s less than half the weight of when I first got him!
byu/mavagam99 inaww

6. That curly chest hair is magnificent.

I love how his expression has hardly changed. He’s always known who he is!

We adopted Nova 12 weeks ago today and I wanted to share with you all how much he has changed since he arrived!
byu/SomeGayGamer inaww

5. From scared to happy.

We love to see it.

My sweet baby. Her adoption pic vs now 🙂
byu/-shylo- inBeforeNAfterAdoption

4. Y’all, this fluffy sweetheart.

Look at those ears!

Last July a stray kitten came into my office, looked at me like “you are my human”, so I adopted her. Today, this happened. Guess now I’m an owner of another good girl.
byu/Kir1ll inaww

3. Healthy and happy.

And still staring at the squirrels longingly, I presume.

When we first adopted our dog a few weeks ago vs today. He a thick boy now!
byu/CommercialImmediate3 inaww

2. Older bois deserve all of the love, too.

Especially this one, clearly.

Igor on adoption day vs 30 days later, such a cutie!
byu/colasinas inaww

1. This one is amazing.

That first picture is hard to look at.

My pride and joy
byu/shannene123 inBeforeNAfterAdoption

I want to give all of these babies the pets and scritches they deserve.

Which one of these sent you to browse the adoption pages? Let us know in the comments!