12 Memes for People With Mild Road Rage

Source: @asamantha321 on Twitter

Sharing the road is a social contract that, let’s be honest, I would only voluntarily sign with about 5% of the people currently holding a valid license.

Which is to say, every one of these thoughts regularly runs through my head.

12. Look I don’t want to die ok?

Can’t we just thumb wrestle?


I don’t think this has been invented yet, has it?

Image Credit: The Meta Picture

10. True love.

Thank you for being a friend… travel down the road and back again…

Image Credit: Twitter

9. I’m sure it’s fine. This is fine.

I like that look on you, E.T.!

Image Credit: Awww Memes

8. She’s got that look down.

Stop. Looking. At. Me.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. Yaasssss.


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6. Everyone knows it.

I’ve seen it many times and I’ve given it many times.

Image Credit: memes.com

5. Hold on for dear life.

It’s gonna get lit AF in here! Hopefully not with fire.

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4. U-turns are always allowed.

Just go with the flow, y’all!


3. First of all, that’s none of your business.

I love driving like this, I’m not gonna lie. It’s my happy place.

Image Credit: me.me

2. Yeah, that’s a no go.

Just smile and don’t say a word.

Image Credit: OnSizzle

1. I mean you can’t get out.

Is it even worth it to complain at this point?

Image Credit: Runt of the Web

Be less slow and in-my-way out there, y’all!

Oh, and share this post with your friends. We all drive so we all will enjoy them.

Thanks, fam!