13 Posts That Will Help Get You Laughing Out Loud

It can be hard finding the motivation to get up and get moving in the morning. Sure, there’s always caffeine, but we’re only allowed to have so much of that before people start judging, right?

If you need a little something extra to fill up your excitement tank, we think you should give these 13 posts a try!

13. This is just me, friend.

Take it or leave it.

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12. Getting ready has many stages.

Some of them include briefly going back to sleep.

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11. There’s no understand everything about being a human.

Or even most things, if we’re being honest.

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10. I have so many questions.

But honestly I’m terrified to know the answers.

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9. Now you’re late for work and you’ve made a mess.

Congrats. Seems like it must’ve been a Monday.

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8. Eventually we all become Squidward.

Because honestly, who would want to live between those two?

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7. I love some professional social media accounts.

They give each other crap and it’s just what I need.

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6. Or “there’s a meeting.”

Can you imagine anything more horrifying?

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5. Morning you is a jerk.

Afternoon you is really going to hate them.

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4. They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

They definitely lied, and not just about that.

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3. It’s a full stop kind of scenario.

With some possible exceptions, like zombies.

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2. We definitely give too many f**ks as a society.

If you’re comfortable, just wear it.

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1. We’re all definitely busy doing something.

Don’t ask us what exactly, though.

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Well, what did you think? How are you feeling? Ready for the day?

Let us know all of the gory details in the comments!