13 Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced but Never Talks About

You know exactly what I’m talking about: those every day human occurrences that we’ve all experienced but that rarely seem to come up in conversation. Maybe it’s because we’re embarrassed, maybe because they seem too random or insignificant to mention, but the truth is we can all share a laugh over these basic human experiences.

1. Guilty pleasures

Nothing else compares.

Meirl from meirl

2. So nonchalant

Oh, you know.

3. Not all heroes wear capes…

But they definitely wear masks!

4. Keep your eyes on the smize

Tyra Banks prepared us for this day.

5. My entire school experience

Tbh, if you end up like this guy, it probably wasn’t a very good book to begin with.

Me📖irl from meirl

6. Higher, higher…

Did you check the batteries?

7. So sorry but something came up…

I just really don’t want to people right now

8. They’re called floaters

For most people, eye floaters are a minor inconvenience, not a cause for concern.

9. This one hits home

I can’t afford to be distracted!

Me irl from meirl

10. This is a test, isn’t it?

Uhh…the one about the little star? That twinkles? You’ve probably never heard of it.

11. Yes, I do this with my cat.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

12. Me when my best friend and I haven’t talked in over a week:

I need ALL the details.

meirl from meirl

13. Now I do the same thing with my headset during Zoom meetings

I totally meant to do that.

Please tell me I’m not not the only one who’s done these things. Particularly #9. It really does make it easier to concentrate!

Which one did you relate to most? Let us know in the comments!