15 Things That People Are Slowly Starting to Forget

Photo Credit: Pixabay

There’s no doubt that the world is changing – I mean, it always has been, but in the past several decades, the world has been changing so fast that there are generations coming up that have never experienced some things their parents thought were commonplace.

Not only that, but technology is coming and going so quickly that not everything can stay in our brains. So, here are 13+ things the internet thinks we’re already starting to forget.

#15. Huh?

“How to burn CDs”

#14. He killed two people.

“That Matthew Broderick killed 2 people with reckless driving and only had to pay $125 by saying he lost his memory. Edit: $175”

#13. Ecological amnesia.


100 years ago you could catch a cod that was six feet long off the coast of Newfoundland. Today you’re lucky if you get one that is a foot. The strange thing is that people are equally excited – now we just think that cod are max two feet in length.

Ecological amnesia is the term I believe.”

#12. Privacy.

“The importance of your privacy.”

#11. Just how fragile.

“The world wars, the cold war, and just how fragile and valuable this society we’ve built up over the last hundred years is.”

#10. Everyone just shrugs.

“The Equifax breach. I try and bring this up all the time. Legitimate personal data was stolen, SS and CC numbers, and everyone just shrugs. Or mentions the FB breaches as if they are comparable.”

#9. That was a weird year.

“The fact that there was a part in 2016 where clown chase people.”

#8. The Spanish Flu

“Pandemic diseases like the Spanish Flu that wipe out large populations. It’s particularly worrying with western medicine losing more and more funding, drug-resistant bacteria, and idiots like anti-vaxers increasing the odds for viruses.”

#7. Repercussions.

“That there are repercussions. I notice these days that if someone insults you, for example, and you return fire, they immediately seem to forget that they threw the first volley of shit, and then act like you’re the bad guy.

Maybe “accountability” is being forgotten too?”

#6. Available all the time.

“That people can take their time to respond, and need not be available through phone or social media all the time.”

#5. House phones.

Remember that when you wanted to call someone at home, you had to go through the gatekeeper. Usually another relative, you had to ask for the person to see if they are even there.

Tldr; House phones.

#4. Snoop’s murder trial.

Snoop Dogg was on trial for murder. Everybody knows Snoop as the rapper who smokes a shit load and cooks with Martha Stewart, but fewer people remember that he was on trial for murder. I think a lot of people are forgetting that gangster rappers were actually in gangs

#3. The meaning of songs.

“I always think about songs that will/have lost their meaning to a generation that doesn’t understand, and songs that aren’t too old like Paul Simon’s Kodachrome, and BNL’s Hook and Line, about keeping a phone off the hook to avoid communication. Life progresses; change is not all bad, but we do lose some things along the way.”

#2. Where the hell is that plane?

“That Malaysian aircraft that went missing several years ago. Where the hell is the plane??”

#1. Getting a degree.

“How getting a degree was only needed for a job; you could get anything you wanted and still go into a technical position. Now, your degree is essentially obsolete without the “right” degree or experience, or anything meaningful that makes your background better than the people you’re competing against.”

What do you think? Would you add other things to the list?