13 Things You Should Never Say to Your Friends Who Get Migraines

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If you’ve ever dealt with a migraine, you know they can be hell.

While symptoms differ from person to person, common ones are light sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting. And in some cases, chronic suffers may experience these excruciating headaches for days.

To keep you in good graces with your friends, here are a few things you should never say to a migraine sufferer. Like never ever say any of these things.

13. It’ll be okay. I get headaches too.

Let me put it in perspective. Picture a normal headache, now imagine your brain in a metal vise that keeps tightening.

12. Have you tried just working from home?

Hmmmm…Beyond nausea, spots in our eyes and vomiting?

Yeah, work is nearly impossible.

11. Have you tried…

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The answer is yes. We’ve tried it all.

Most migraines have to run their course.

But if you have a revolutionary treatment that no one knows about, then I’m all ears!!!!

10. You’re probably stressed out.

*Slow clap* Yes, stress can be a major trigger for migraines, so do you have a cure for stress?

9. Do you think it’s a brain tumor?

*Eye-roll* Those who suffer most likely have had that addressed. So be a pal and rephrase that a little gentler? I can’t handle the stress of wondering.

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8. You should really take better care of yourself.

Trust us, we try. Certain things are triggers, such as food or stress, but sometimes they come out of nowhere.

7. Just say you have a migraine and take the day off.

Um, no. A migraine is legit causing time off of work when we need it. It can’t be used as a fake excuse.

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6. Have you eaten? You might feel better if you do.

Nah-ah. The thought of food spins the tummy out of control.

5. Go for a walk, watch a movie, or better yet listen to some soft music. That should help you forget about the pain.

Really? Your friends would rather stick their head under the covers in a dark room with complete silence. Nothing else works and you can’t forget about the pain.

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4. You have another headache?

Um, yeah. They are chronic. And unfortunately, they come without warning. It’s just as frustrating for us as it is for you.

3. Nice sunglasses. You know you are indoors.

Sunglasses are the relief to get us through the workday. You know with those damn pesky florescent office lights stabbing out retinas.

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2. You don’t look like you’re sick.

Jump into my brain and take a tour, you might think differently.

1. Have you thought about changing your diet?

Every damn day. Most migraine suffers have already eliminated foods that trigger them.

Here are a few things you should say to your buddies that suffer:

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For those who do not suffer from migraines, go easy on your pals who do.

Trust me, as a person who frequently gets them, we are not faking to get out of that one o’clock meeting.