13 Times That Kids Invented Brand New Words and Phrases

Just when you think you’ve already heard every weird or funny thing that’s gonna come out of the mouths of your kids, they strike again.

And you’re about the see the undisputed evidence!

Because these folks all went on the record to share their own hilarious stories about wild kiddos making up new words and phrases for things they couldn’t remember.

Are you ready for some laughs? Then buckle up, amigos!

1. Leg holders.

She’s not necessarily wrong.

2. I’m gonna start using this.

Gettin’ rusty.

3. I like “bed skins”.

May I use it?

4. This is AWESOME.

Let’s officially change it.

5. We have a winner!

And now I’m scared…

6. They’re ready!

Wait for the bing!

7. Those darn hippies.

Struttin’ around like they own the place.

8. Okay, this works.

I will use this in the future.

9. Don’t correct him.

Just let it LIVE.

10. The hair of wizards.

Sounds a lot cooler.

11. A child shall lead us.

Will this be added to the dictionary?

12. A new name for a cartwheel.

And it’s genius.

13. They are nasty things.

I think she’s on to something.

Do your kids ever make us hilarious words or phrases?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!