13 Honest Tumblr Posts About Not Having Kids

Image Credit: Pixabay

I adore my kids. To be clear.

That said, I also adored the 37 years I spent without children dictating most of my waking (and sleeping) moments.

You know, like a normal human being. Or at least I think it was normal. I don’t know… you’d have to ask… okay, I don’t have a good answer for this one.

Yeah, it’s probably best I have kids now.

So, these 13 posts had me remembering, quite fondly, my life before the kiddos.

Or something like that!

#13. I miss those things.

You can never get too much of either, right parents? RIGHT?!?!


#12. Valid choice.

Dogs are just as good as kids… at least for 20-year-olds.


#11. Legend is right, though it probably won’t take 3 tries.

Probably only takes ONE annoying mother-in-law.


#10. This post is the stuff of dreams.

I’m still thinking about it… even three minutes after.


#9. The horror…

I mean… who even says things like that?!?


#8. My toddler is definitely someone else’s birth control these days.

Let me check on that birth control one more time… okay?


#7. Someone fix this.

We need to be able to accidentally make pizzas if we can accidentally make humans.


#6. Honestly, bottle-feeding a lamb also seems like a lot of work.

This is still amazing.


#5. *le gasp*

Never say never, kids!


#4. I’ll take Italy for $5000.

You can have the wiggles.


#3. Your point?

Give me a high five!


#2. How about no.

And also… no.

An old gem I found through tumblr from childfree

#1. Why do people say this?!

I’m pretty sure that I DO NOT want kids. Okay, thx.


You can’t have it both ways, so choose wisely! Because as much as I said I didn’t want kids… I’ve got two.

Yeah, let that sink in. Read between the lines.

Just kidding, my beautiful babies!