13 Totally True Facts You’ll Have to Double Check to Believe

Image Credit: Pixabay

History contains some completely insane true stories, and there are some facts – about the world, science, math, people – that truly don’t seem like they could be legit.

I promise these 13 are super true, but listen, if you want to double check them on your own, I won’t blame yo one bit!

13. How does one figure this out?

The exact halfway point of Michael Jackson’s life was January 27th 1984, the same day his hair was accidentally set on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial.

12. Also, the color is named after the fruit.

Before, the color orange was called red.

This is why people with orange hair are called redheads.

11. That’s some kind of zombie stuff.

Mike the Headless Chicken lived without a head for 18 months.

10. That is a strange set of facts.

An eyewitness to Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theater appeared as a contestant on a nationally televised game show with Lucille Ball.

9. And he earned that retirement.

A 500 lb. cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking brown bear named Wojtek was enlisted and served in the Polish army during WWII.

“Private Wojtek” helped the Polish win the brutal Battle of Monte Cassino, and was even promoted to corporal.

Following the war, he retired in Scotland.

8. I’m pretty sure that’s why he made the movie.

Only four people have been to the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the ocean. One of those people is James Cameron, the director of Titanic.

7. Go ahead and google this for some cute!

Cheetahs cant roar, but they can meow like house cats.

6. How did this happen, though?

From 1613 and 1620 a Samurai travelled to Rome by way of Mexico.

During this time, Shakespeare was still alive, Virginia had been founded for around a decade, Gallileo was accused of heresy, and Pocahantes arrived in England.  He met the Pope he was made a Roman citizen.

His name was Hasekura Tsunenaga, and was the last Japanese person to officially visit Europe until around 1860.

5. That sounds like a nightmare of a birth story.

The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days.

4. Those are some excellent genes.

President John Tyler, born in 1790, has two living grandsons.

3. But toddlers everywhere can sniff out a true vegetable, no problem.

there is no universally accepted definition of “vegetable.”

it’s a cultural and culinary term, and varies from place to place.

2. …and then he got picked up by the Men in Black.

There was this french guy named Tarrare in the late 1700s that could eat ANYTHING, in any amount.

He was able to eat a quarter of a cow on one day and ate dinner for 15 for one meal when he was being tested. He was even able to swallow an entire eel, with bones included, without hesitating. When he went to the militar service, they used him as message transport, but after being captured he went back and tried to find a cure.

In the hospital where he was staying, he was suspected of eating a baby so they kicked him out. He was average weight and when he died a few years later they could see inside his stomach just by opening his mouth.

Here’s a video which explains it on better detail: https://youtu.be/nYHDj2sB-rc

1. Was it any good, though?

Saddam Hussein was an erotic romance novelist in his spare time as the dictator of Iraq.

These are truly mind-blowing, right? I’m off to Google more…

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