13 Tweets that Prove J.K. Rowling is a Goddess

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Everyone loves Harry Potter.

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Okay, I realize in my brain that’s not true, but in my heart, I can’t believe there are human beings out there who remain unmoved by a story that has brought millions to tears and, more importantly, to reading.

J.K. Rowling herself is a pretty awesome, funny, engaging, and interesting person who spends time chatting with muggles on Twitter, which begs the question – why aren’t you following her?

#1. She gets us muggles and our muggle problems. (This in response to a tweet asking how she manages to write with young children in the house).

#2. Someone said this:

J.K. is all about keeping us safe from the future Dark Lords of the world, so she responded like this:

#3. She agrees that NYC is the best!

#4. She’s full of wise advice, and not only in her books.

#5. She responds to her fans more often than she probably needs to in order to maintain her goddess status.

#6. She knows we all need a little inspiration sometimes and that truth is the best way to share it.

#7. She calls ’em like she sees ’em.

#8. When our hearts are broken, she takes responsibility. For so many people, Hogwarts and the events that took place there are real, and she never, ever treats them like they’re not.

#9. She knows who she is, and she’s cool with it. #lifegoals #writergoals

#10. Preach.

#11. Um, no one would tell you that.

#12. She lets us into her head, which is a place we’d all love to root around.

#13. Last but not least, she uses her powers for good.

I rest my case – J.K. Rowling is a goddess author, a goddess artist, a goddess worldmaker, and a goddess human. Go forth, and do with that what you will.