13 Wholesome Pictures People Shared That We Found And Love

Image Credit: Reddit

When the world gets dark and scary, there are a few things that make people feel better. Family and friends, a good old fashioned lazy day in front of Netflix, a walk in the woods, a tub of ice cream…and adorable, wholesome, and/or inspiring internet content that reminds you the entire world isn’t crap.

I definitely hope you’re able to do any of those former things that improve your mood, and as for the latter, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 13 sweet images that are meant to remind you that humans aren’t as bad as they sometimes seem.

13. This medical team who helped beat back coronavirus in China headed to Italy to lend their expertise.

After fighting corona in China, the same medical team are traveling to fight in Italy. True heros from pics

12. This distillery – and many others across the country – are using their excess alcohol to make free hand sanitizer.

This distillery is using their equipment to produce hand sanitizer, and giving it away for free. from HumansBeingBros

11. This man, who found a safe way to see his father every day while he’s stuck in assisted living.

Love finds a way…

10. Being a good neighbor is more important than ever.

One of my neighbors left a bag of toilet paper on my front door and with the way things are in the world right now, being a single mom and struggling with my bipolar lately, this small token of generosity moved me to tears. from HumansBeingBros

9. I dare you not to tear up at these images of a girl sharing the news of her engagement with her grandfather.

Granddaughter telling grandfather the news of her engagement from pics

8. A woman in China is hiding the pets abandoned as their owners need hospital treatment – at great risk to herself.

True heroes: Ms. Chen hides 65 pets, abandoned during Wuhan outbreak, in her small home. Authorities only allow 1 pet per home, and they kill the animal if owner got COVID19. Chen tells about policeman that saved 2 dogs instead, another "tips me off before a raid so I can hide the animals in my car" from Coronavirus

7. This company used their 3D printer to save lives.

6. Doctors are working harder than ever, missing weeks and months with their own families to be there for others.

Real heroes deserve more appreciation from pics

5. There are helpers, like Rebecca.

Let’s help each other and be Rebecca’s. from HumansBeingBros

4. Another team of medical professionals from China, this time heading to help in Iran’s crisis.

True heros. After fighting corona in China, the same medical team are traveling to fight in Iran from pics

3. This woman who is making lunches for the kids in her neighborhood.

Today on my buy and sell Facebook group a woman posted free lunch for any kids that need it since school was cancelled (censored address and location.) from HumansBeingBros

2. A small Scottish shop is giving free essentials to the elderly.

1. These doctors who are celebrating the closure of the last temporary hospital in Wuhan.

Chinese doctors celebrate the closure of the last temporary hospital in Wuhan. Patients dropped from 15000 to 15. Absolute Heros from nextfuckinglevel

I don’t know about you, but I’m breathing just a bit easier already.

Did you love these pictures? What’s your go-to way to relax and recharge when things seem dire?

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