13 Wrong Number Texts That Totally Went off the Rails

Sometimes, when I’m gossiping about somebody to my friends, I accidentally text the person I’m talking sh*t about. It’s pretty awkward trying to explain why you just called someone “really sweet but kind of weird” to their face.

Then, there are times that wrong number texts are completely unsalvageable. They totally go off the rails, and there’s no stopping the catastrophic social train wreck.

These 13 people share their wrong number text stories that spiraled out of control.

1. There’s power in numbers

Is it possible to scam the group chat?

Scammer tried to scam 20 random people at once from facepalm

2. Second time’s the charm

Texting the same wrong number twice? As if double texting wasn’t awkward enough.

Idk how you can fuck that up twice from wrongnumber

3. You’re barking up the wrong…

This person is just looking in all the wrong places.

I don’t even understand how people with this logic get through their day from facepalm

4. Shrek is life

Some texts are so bizarre that you just have to roll with them. That’s exactly what these two did, and they’re all stars for it.

This dude jus texted me… from wrongnumber

5. Just farmer things

Sometimes, you need to shoe your mule. You know, average stuff.

6. When you find produce for a deal

You just have to share the victory with someone.

This wrong number who can’t wrap their heads around cheap green beans from Badfaketexts

7. Too much tuna

I love tuna salad just as much as the next person, but there are hard limits.

8. Okay, we get it

Do you think they’re bringing chili?

9. Coming on way too strong here

D*ck picks are aggressive enough, but to a stranger? Come on, dude.

Wrong number text I received today. from facepalm

10. When opportunity calls…

Sometimes, the right wrong text comes along.

Bodies convey from wrongnumber

11. There’s a lot going on in the ER

Does this violate HIPAA laws?

i love wrong number texts from texts

12. And then there’s this

Any cyphers here who can figure out what this means? This is like Zodiac Killer level cryptic.

13. No harm in being safe

I’m still not okay with that 0.01% of germs left unaccounted for.

Honestly, I wish I’d gotten that Shrek text. I’m already on the lookout for a new support group.

Wrong number texts might be jarring when they first happen, but at least they make for a really good story. What are some crazy wrong number texts you’ve gotten? Share in the comments below!