13 Years After He Screamed Her Name in Pain, Steve Carell Finally Met Kelly Clarkson

©Apatow Productions

The 40-Year-Old Virgin hit movie theaters back in 2005 and gave us many hysterical, memorable moments. Perhaps the best-remembered one is this scene:

Steve Carell played the lead role and endured that brutal chest waxing in real life so director Judd Apatow could capture authentic reactions. Of course, we all remember when Carell famously yelled “Kelly Clarkson” during the scene. Just last fall Clarkson said, “I have yet to meet Steve Carell and I want to be like, ‘So was it a compliment?’ I don’t know — if you’re in pain and you think of Kelly Clarkson.” She also admitted she thought the scene was “pretty hilarious.” Well Clarkson finally got her chance to meet Carell at the recent Golden Globe Awards. Both entertainers were clearly thrilled to get acquainted after being linked by that scene for 13 years.

Photo Credit: Twitter, SteveCarell

It’s nice to see some positive stories come out of Hollywood once in a while.

h/t: Today