13 YouTubers People Think They’d Like To Grab A Drink With

Social media has become a way of life for millions of people. We follow comedians, musicians, influencers of all types, and people who talk to us about the niche interests our friends just tune out – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

These 13 people think they’ve landed on some YouTube personalities who would make really, really good friends irl, and after you read their glowing praise, it’s hard to argue!

13. A smart guy who cares.

ElectroBOOM. Although it often seems like he acts stupid, he does his “accidents” mostly on purpose. He is actually a smart guy who cares about his family.

And for two probably lesser known people: Geoff Marshall and Reece Martin (from RM Transit). Both of them are train/transit geeks but nevertheless are nice people. I really would like to meet Reece in a café and discuss the latest transit projects.

12. For reasons.

Rich “Dick the Birthday Boy” Evans.

11. He’s your guy.

Dankpods for sure, wanna try and fix up a shitty old Italian hatchback and then jam on some drums for a couple hours? Seems like Wade’s your guy.

Also Frank too, obviously

10. A very specific drink.


I’d love to have a cup of Coffee Instant Type 2 with him.

He recently posted his first vid in 6 months lol. Great to know he’s still kicking!

9. A crazy whirlwind.

Michael Reeves would be a crazy whirlwind but i’m down for it.

I’ve seen him on a few podcasts, and he seems like he’s pretty chill most of the time. He just amps his personality up to 11 for his videos.

8. No regrets!

Drew Gooden. He seems like a genuine, pure person. Hope I’ll never regret saying this in the future lmao.

And not as popular as the Drew/Danny/Kurtis trio, but I think Scott Cramer seems like he’d be a great guy to hang out with.

7. A sincerely good dude.

LGR. Would love to nerd out over retro tech with that guy.

Clint is the best, seems like such a sincerely good dude. Fortunately his videos already kind of feel like hanging out, just love his pacing and editing for what they are (be it awesome old tech, going thrifting or making sandwiches).

6. Not big, but funny.

I know Scott Cramer is not as big as many of the names in this thread, but he seems like one of the most genuinely nice guys.

I do not really pay attention to Youtubers, but I absolutely love watching Scott’s videos.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes across this thread, so if you are reading this Scott, you are awesome.

5. He’ll brighten your day.

Shoutout to old man TFC. TFC is a 60 year old guy playing Minecraft, Fallout, and a few other games. He plays the game exactly like you would expect a 60 year old to play – at his own pace.

He has his own style and is not afraid to stick to it. His Season 6 Fallout shelter was very good though. Please, he is only a few hundred away from 100k subs.

Go brighten an old man’s day by helping him get his 100k play button.

4. Two for one.

Shane Madej.

I think Ryan Bergara would be cool too. I’d love to hang with the both of them. Look for some ghouls.

3. He could watch for hours.

My man Lockpickinglawyer ! Straight to the point, no bullshit always nice, except for the bad locks and scams.

Edit: I never thought i would watch hours worth of locks getting picked without ever getting bored not to mention order some picks to practice myself.

I have to add that his april fools videos are the first thing ive ever waited for in that specific day.

2. He likes to have fun.

RTGame. The man just seems to have fun with every game he plays and is just a joy to watch play games.

1. She did seem nice.

Simone Giertz.

I ran into Commander Scraps a few months ago on a hiking trail.

Only knew it was her because I saw Simone a few dozen feet behind talking with a friend. I wanted to say hi but really don’t like interrupting people when they’re “off the clock”

But she did seem nice

I’m going to have to check some of these folks out, how about you?

Do you have a favorite YouTube personality? If they’re not on this list, drop it for us in the comments!