14 Every Day Things That Really Drive People Mad

You know what I’m talking about – using the wrong ‘your,’ chewing with your mouth open, loud cars, we’ve all got a short (or long) list of things that might not but other people but absolutely get under our skin.

In case you’re wondering whether yours are normal (or want to check and make sure that your partner isn’t going to leave you for something you didn’t realize was annoying), here are 14 things several people find uber annoying on a daily basis.

14. Look up from your phone please.

We’ve sat at this light for 5 goddamn minutes.

How are you not ready to go on green?!

13. I mean, the words are right there.

“I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less”

12. This makes me cringe.

“haha I’m so OCD”

11. There are many other reasons, too.

People that come into my office five seconds after sending me an email asking “did you see my email?”

If they follow up with I just sent it I generally throw them out and say I’m too busy right now. What is the fucking God damn point of coming to me after the email? If it was truly an emergency call me or stop in. But fucking knock and wait until I acknowledge it.

This is the main reason why I want to stay home after the pandemic ends.

10. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.

“Be a man”

I cant stand it. I am 21m and I am a very…effeminate male. I’m not gay or anything, but I do have a number of hobbies that aren’t exactly considered manly, and I catch a lot of shit for it. Like, dude, just let me live my life lol

9. That’s quite the rant.

“I’m fluent in sarcasm.”

Oh, wooooow. Far out. I wasn’t even aware it was it’s own language. You must’ve studied sooooo hard to learn it. Where did you study it? I would have taken it in College but it wasn’t offered, so I settled for Spanish. Everyone knows Spanish isn’t as useful as Sarcasm is, but hey, it’s something right? What dialect of Sarcasm is your favorite? What other languages do you know? Do you speak Good Personality? No? Of course you don’t. Gosh everyone except you is such an idiot aren’t they? Don’t you just wish they were as smart as you so you could indulge them with intellectually stimulating conversations about how great you are?

You know, I hear there are people out there that aren’t actually fluent in sarcasm, and just use sarcasm as an excuse to be an asshole. But you’d never do such a thing would you? It goes against the Sarcastic Code©

8. People need to keep their mouths shut more often.

When you can’t get pregnant and someone says “ well if you quit trying then it will happen”

7. Yeah this doesn’t make sense.

Thats what a guilty person would say.

Bitch, wtf do you think an innocent person would say.

I you say this, plz don’t, it makes no sense.

6. Don’t freak out a struggling student.

“So what do you think you’re going to do for work when you’re out of school”

…oh my god, I’m struggling with this every day and you’re making me freak out and now I have to save face and come up with something cool and probably end up lying to you just to change the subject.

I’m never mad at the person, it’s an honest question. Just the sudden spotlight on me I can’t handle haha

5. And no one realizes until it’s too late.

The terms “girl boss” or “mompreneuer”.

No, you’re part of a pyramid scheme……

4. How is that supposed to make someone feel?

“It was just God’s will.” when someone loses a child/spouse/etc.

3. And you’re not trying to change?

“Oh I know I’m a bitch/asshole”

I’m all for self degrading humor, but have known several people who have said this seriously, like it’s something to be proud of.

2. What kind of monster does this?

When someone says something to you but you miss it, so you ask, like, “Pardon?” and they only repeat the last word of what they were saying.


“Have you seen Kevin anywhere?”



1. It’s such a simple and courteous thing.

As someone who lives in an apartment complex – people who slam their fucking doors like they’re trying to knock them off the hinges.

I’ve been so tempted to knock on their doors and politely explain to them that a door closes just as well if you close it softly.

I definitely identify with some of these, and I’m proud to say I don’t do any of them!

Is your peeve missing from the list? Tell us what it is in the comments!