14 Extremely Petty – But Also Hilarious – Power Moves

Image Credit: Reddit

A good power move can be worth its weight in gold, and most of us will have real reason to pull them out at least occasionally in our lives – we have to let people know where boundaries are, after all.

That said, people also choose to loose power moves over truly silly situations, and honestly, it makes them downright hilarious. The anti-power move.

Here are 14 that are so petty you’re not gonna be able to do anything but love them.

14. Ah, it feels good to be grown up, right?

There really aren’t that many perks, so enjoy it I guess.

Grounding your parents from madlads

13. You’ve gotta remind them who they were friends with first.

And why they’re looking for new friends, probably.

I want to try this now from madlads

12. This is mad genius.

As long as you don’t care what your family thinks of you.

I should do it myself as well from madlads

11. It’s a bit petty, sure.

But I’m guessing majorly warranted.

10. She either thought she was clever…

Or she knew y’all were that dumb.

genius madlad :)) from madlads

9. That’s quite an explanation.

And then you realize he totally gotcha.

Madladd from madlads

8. As a parent, you’ve got to get some sleep when you can.

But one of them is gonna run off any second.

MadDad from madlads

7. Way to go, Dad.

Easier than divorce, I suppose.

Absolute mad lad dad from madlads

6. Bet those were some amazing wedding pictures.

Their grandkids are gonna be so confused.

Madcouple from madlads

5. So young and already preparing for fatherhood.

Some guys are just prodigies, I suppose.

Mad mike check from madlads

4. Why not leave a few more?

Just to be safe.

Mad lass advances her career from madlads

3. That’ll teach them.

Mostly not to be friends with you but maybe they’ll chuckle a little, too.

Madlad With his harmless prank from madlads

2. Talk about making god work for you.

I’m not sure s/he would approve, but hey. Free concert!

Honestly I would do that from madlads

1. This could have gone a horrible direction.

I’m so glad that it didn’t.

Absolute madlad outsmarting his way through life. from madlads

These people are my favorite. Poor babies.

Have you ever witnessed a power play like these? Tell us about it in the comments!