14 Funny Signs That Lighten up These Dark Days

Image Credit: Reddit

Listen, I don’t think that, last New Year’s Eve, anyone could have predicted. what 2020 had in store for us all. Had we known what was in store, I don’t know…I think I would have had a few more drinks (or maybe gone to visit my friend in England).

Which is all to say, we can all use a bit of cheering up. And in dark times, humor always lights the way forward – even when it kind of makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

Thank goodness for 14 businesses like these!

14. Try to act accordingly.

Wear your life jacket and leave a big tip.


13. He’d better hope no one comes in who’s into that.

Because you know someone is going to call his bluff.

That sign can back fire on the owner
byu/Nicksharma93 infunny

12. Hahaha well it pays to be able to laugh at yourself.

Those things are silly long.

I saw this at my local CVS
byu/BaconPancake62 infunny

11. Who doesn’t love a good play on words?

Some people are so darn clever.

10. A lesson in playing to your audience.

They’re speaking Salem language.


9. Certainly gives you a visceral reaction.

I never wash my hands as well as I would in that situation.

A sign at the local bar.
byu/DrunkenlyPosting infunny

8. “No titty or sock money!”

I feel like those should be all-the-time rules.

7. Those things are definitely bigger than you’d think.

People don’t seem to have a solid concept of how big 6 feet is, tbh.

6. Everyone will mask up for tacos.

We obviously love tacos more than people.

My local taco place has a sign that says โ€œno face mask, no tacosโ€
byu/bubbanauts inmildlyinteresting

5. Now that’s how you appeal to the people.

Everybody listens to Freddie.

4. I guess the beef shortage is…over?

Or they’ve started selling themselves.


3. Well, that’s dark.

If you’re into depressing humor, here you go.

2. Don’t be a Karen.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Jessica.

This sign outside a restaurant
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1. If only the nice sign had worked.

Gotta respect this guy. Ha!

The sign at the pizza place I go to
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I want to take pictures every time I see a local sign like this, don’t you?

Tell us about your favorite one you’ve seen during this mess, won’t you please?