14 Funny Tweets About Having a Crush


We all get ’em. Crushes. They’re called that for a reason, you know. You admire someone from afar, they have no clue who you are, you live in agony until you discover someone new.

These tweets perfectly capture those crushy feelings that haunt us all.

1. Truth

2. OR… it’s the perfect time b/c you’re the only two left…

3. EVERY stranger? Whoa.

4. Don’t crush yo’self!

5. All the feels


7. It’s complicated…

8. Unlike! Unlike! Quickly!

9. LOOK! AT! ME!

10. Don’t hear the haters…

11. Uh oh

12. They funny


Photo Credit: Twitter,@OfficeScenes


Photo Credit: Twitter,@Lindzeta

(h/t: smosh)

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