14 Game Show Contestants Who Flubbed Their Big Moments

We all experience a brain fart now and again – when you open your mouth, sure your mind will be there for you the way it always is, and suddenly…it’s not.

But while you can definitely understand exactly what happened to these 14 game show contestants, you’re still going to cringe at the really, really bad timing.

14. To be fair, it is the most obvious answer.

I’m not even sure what another one would even be.

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13. I’m going to need an explanation.

Also I need to know if he’s in a relationship.

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12. When your brain grabs onto something and just won’t let go.

And then it comes out of your mouth.

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11. It was on the list, so…

We’re laughing at all of us, I suppose.

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10. I have no jokes.

I hope this guy’s friends didn’t, either.

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9. This is what happens when you ask nerds about video games.

Yes, I’m including myself in this category.

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8. That’s a fair answer.

It’s probably not most people’s first thought, but it’s a fair answer.

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7. A real Egyptian princess thing to do.

When you’re a queen you’re a queen I guess.

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6. When your brain just spits something out.

The most obvious thing.

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5. Sometimes you just don’t even know how to reply.

But yeah, all of the obvious answers were definitely taken.

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4. This has never happened in the history of ever.

Maybe he’s never been to the beach?

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3. I’m going to need to hear this reasoning.

A fake horse…like, a Trojan horse? Or?

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2. That face says it all.

She knew it as soon as it came out.

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1. That is neither a vegetable nor something you marinate. Sir.

Double brain whammy. Eep!

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I am secondhand embarrassed but also chuckling like crazy!

Which one of these made you cringe-laugh the most? Tell us in the comments!