14 High Quality Tweets That’ll Have You Cackling All the Way Into Next Week

Feeling down? In need of a quick pick-me-up?

Chin up, kid. We’ve got a direct hit of top-tier tweets coming your way.

Here are 14 high quality tweets that are sure to help you fight off the 2021 blues with some hearty belly laughs.

1. Mr. President?

Send in the saxophones.

2. Not the end game we’re looking for

Thanos has absolutely nothing on Mojo Jo-Jo.

3. The ugly truth

I’ll see myself out with all my bad jokes in hand – every last pun of them.

4. Really dropping the hints

Do you think she’s doing anything on February 14th?

5. The audacity here

Honestly, I have to the sheer commitment this woman had here. That’s what we call a pro-gamer move.

6. Oops

That’s a pretty bad look on all fronts.

7. This

Listen, if people want to make their passwords “Passwords123,” that’s on them.

8. Last January

We could all go outside… And hug all our friends… And sneeze in our hands.

9. Versatility at its finest

So, this is why I’m an Apple fan.

10. They’re here…

Boy, are they listening. They’re really listening.

11. A champion

Somebody call the medics or 9-1-1 – this squirrel looks like she’s about to burst. Why mother nature would do this to an animal is completely beyond me.

12. Ew

This disguise is just not it.

13. Ancient artifacts

What I wouldn’t give to figure out the story behind this phone’s programming.

14. Our worst nightmare

You’ve heard of parental controls; now meet parental blocks. Getting a text like this would motivate any reasonable adult to launch themselves into space.

I hope those tweets helped rejuvenate your spirits – or at least distracted you from work for the time being. Just remember that when life kicks you down, the internet is always here to pick you back up.

What are some of your favorite tweets that you’ve seen recently? Share them with us in the comments!