14 Hilarious Moments Where People Did What Was Asked of Them Too Literally

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Learning how to follow directions is one of the first lessons you learn growing up. While some people have no problem doing what’s asked, others always seem to rebel… and oftentimes in hilarious ways.

In some cases, people follow directions too literally. Sometimes people just overthink a simple instruction or fail to miss the sarcasm. Here are 14 moments where people did what was asked of them too literally.

Be warned: The results will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

1. There are cheese fries, and then there are fries with cheese.

My note on the cheese fries said: extra cheese on the side from NotMyJob

2. Apparently these engraving instructions weren’t clear enough.

Made the engraving,boss. from NotMyJob

3. Someone needed to brush up on their editing skills before hitting submit.

2 lines of text from NotMyJob

4. Not even Sherlock Holmes would be able to find that suspect.

Entered his name boss from NotMyJob

5. I’d expect a few printer jams in the near future.

Refilled the paper tray from NotMyJob

6. If it takes that long to describe it, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Printed the sign, boss. from NotMyJob

7. That egg is going to be tough to take down in one bite.

“my BF ordered an egg and cheese bagel…” from NotMyJob

8. These slices are definitely getting logged in MyFitnessPal.

Cut the pizza, boss! from NotMyJob

9. Starting to feel queasy just looking at that dessert.

Pretty sure that’s supposed to be on a label, not the dessert from NotMyJob

10. To call that fashionable is a major stretch.

Spotted in Target. Next level fashion. from NotMyJob

11. Legal stuff couldn’t be more specific.

I sorted that legal stuff, boss from NotMyJob

12. At least the paper towels are protected from the sink splatter.

Technically in the right place from NotMyJob

13. Never leave a chocolate chip behind.

When they said "chocolate chip muffin", I didn’t take them literally… but should have from NotMyJob

Searching for that lone chocolate chip will be a mission in itself. That takes some dedication!

Have you ever experienced someone taking instructions too literally? Following the orders too specifically?

Tell us about your funniest facepalm-worthy moments in the comments below! We won’t judge… much.