14 Tweets to Laugh at Together If You Have Friends

Source: @BooksPlusWine on Twitter

Hey there…yeah, you!

Are you a little down in the dumps? It looks like you are AND it looks like you could use some laughter in your life.

Hey, I’m the same way! That’s why I want to present these tweets to you so we can BOTH laugh together.

So what do you say we push our work aside for a few minutes, kick our feet up, and do a little laughing at these tweets?

Let’s do it!

1. That is a good boy!

Waiting in lie patiently for his turn.


2. Hahahaha. So true.

I know you’ve seen it!


3. Your son, the comedian.

This kid is going places!

4. The new owners are in for a surprise.

They’ll never see it coming…

5. Consistency in life is a good thing.

Thank you, Mr. Efron. You are a treasure.


6. We feel your pain.

It really is pretty difficult, isn’t it?

7. I’d be kind of scared to eat at that dinner table.

It looks like the floor might open up on you. Not a good thing!

8. I think you should be saying, “Dad, you’re amazing!”

I think this guy rules!

9. I guess I look like a genius, but I’m really a moron.

Way too many unread books on the nightstand.

10. I like this.

And I think I’ll start using it.


11. I feel this one.

Doesn’t that sound nice right about now?

12. The greatest typo ever?

It’s definitely up there.

13. Yeah, remember that?

It’s just plain WEIRD.

14. Let’s go all the way!

To the bottom, that is…

Have you seen any hilarious tweets, memes, photos, or jokes on social media lately?

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