14 Hilariously Bad Cooking Fails

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I know that it might mean I have some kind of twisted sense of humor, but I just love the “Pinterest fail” posts that abound on the internet. I think it’s okay to laugh because people wouldn’t be posting if they weren’t laughing, too, so we’re all laughing together.


It’s just so relatable – you see something, you think it’s cute and perfect and (haha) looks easy to make. Then, you try it yourself, and find out that either it’s not easy, or you’re incompetent. Possibly both.

But these 14 fails? Aren’t even that. These are just regular, I-don’t-spend-enough-time-in-the-kitchen fails.

So please, enjoy.

14. That’s not going to be okay.

Unless you’re serving dinner to your very worst enemy.

I spent 2 hours cooking dinner only to break the measuring cup and get glass all in the food from Wellthatsucks

13. Well that didn’t work.

How is that even food?

Tried cooking a sweet potato in my new air fryer today… from Wellthatsucks

12. Mmmmm plastic.

It’s what’s for dinner.

Decided to cook a plastic utensil for dinner from Wellthatsucks

11. Oh my goodness this makes my stomach hurt.

Those are the worst injuries.

My dumbest injury, I was flipping a steak in a curved pan (like flat bottom wok) and all the butter splashed out. from Wellthatsucks

10. I am filled with white-hot rage on their behalf.


After being depressed in my room for the last 2 weeks, I decided to get up and make Alton Brown’s peanut butter cookies. No one told me the oven has been overheating and within 3 minutes, all but 3 of my cookies were completely burned on the bottom. I’m going back to bed. from Wellthatsucks

9. Welp, time to move.

Seriously, no one wants to clean that up.

My buddy tried to drunkenly cook food at 3 AM last night from Wellthatsucks

8. That’s just a sign from the heavens that it’s not pizza night.

Time for a salad, perhaps.

Oven light fell out while I was cooking a pizza. from Wellthatsucks

7. Happens to the best of us.

Holy bread is not the goal.

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Well, this is the latest in a long week of total fails. From over proof pancakes to under fermented caverns and sponges. Sourdough being so difficult is exactly why I love it. One week, total success. The next, you’re reminded of your inexperience and how difficult it really is. Nothing easy is worth doing.

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6. He’s going to need a new breakfast and a new waffle maker.

When it rains it pours.

5. I think he was not-so-secretly trying to get out of cooking forever.

No one is this dumb, right?

My boyfriend put salt instead of rice in the rice cooker, been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook from Wellthatsucks

4. That’s why more butter is the first rule of cooking.

It will never fail you, except when you grow out of your pants.

Forgot Grease My Pan When Cooking Pancakes… from Wellthatsucks

3. Okay but this could happen to anyone.

I get super frustrated when something happens to my eggs, though!

I was cooking eggs and then my salt shaker broke. from Wellthatsucks

2. I would still eat those, ngl.

It’s a s’mores. It’s supposed to be gooey and messy!

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I forgot about my s’mores 🤷🏻‍♀️😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂#smores#cookingfail#theywillstilltastegood

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1. That is not a twice-baked potato.

The limit does not exist.


I’m dying, because it’s just so relatable!

Have you ever had a fail this bad? I want to see pictures in the comments!