14 “How It Started” vs. “How It’s Going” Memes to Inspire Your Journey

It’s important to remember where we come from. Knowing where we’ve been helps us keep perspective when we take a look at where we are today.

The “How It Started” vs. “How It’s Going” or “How it Ended” meme has been one of the most popular trends of the year. It started as a way for cute couples to share their relationship trajectories. Then people started using it to share weight-loss journeys, career accomplishments, make political commentary, and of course, crack jokes.

We hope you take inspiration from these 14 “How It Started vs. “How It’s Going” memes!

1. Baby, how you feeling?

Feeling good as hell!

2. Squad goals:

Surround yourself with people who love and support you.

3. Look at that smile:

I think my heart just melted.

4. Can we turn back the clock?

Do kids today even Power Point anymore?

5. Me, taking the SAT:

Do kids today even write on paper anymore?

6. A truly heartwarming story:

This is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about.

7. The one thing you can control…

…is how hard you preserver to achieve your goals.

8. Get it, girl:

Just make sure to clean it first.

9. Before and after:

I can’t believe this is the same person.

10. So satisfying:

It feels good to see your dreams become reality.

11. Ok, now I’m thirsty:

This could be a magazine cover.

12. Could this be any sadder?

But like in a satisfying way.

13. Some things can only end in tragedy:

Tasty, tasty tragedy.

14. Raise a glass:

Just another Tuesday night.

The best thing about this meme is that the second picture can be either “How it’s going” or “How it ended.” Meaning, the journey doesn’t have to be over yet. Everything between those two pictures, that’s the good part.

We can’t truly appreciate how far we’ve come if we don’t look back on where we began. And if there’s a year for looking back, I think this is the one. Like they say, hindsight is 2020.

What would your “How It Started” vs. “How It’s Going” look like? Let us know in the comments!