14 “Humans For Scale” Images That Really Put Things Into Perspective

Image Credit: Reddit

When things are extremely big or extremely small, it can be hard to visualize just how big or small they are until you put something next to it that you can visualize without being there yourself.

One thing we can all reasonably estimate is the size of a human being, since we’re all, you know, human beings.

So, when we’re taking pictures and putting a “human for scale” next to something of an extreme size, the truth of things can really blow people’s minds – which is exactly what happened with these 14 photos.

14. I wonder if they need really big tools.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

Two Mechanics on the C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft
byu/usopp-theliar inHumanForScale

13. The space shuttle Discovery.

I mean, you know it’s big, but this is wild!

Space Shuttle Discovery at National Air and Space Museum
byu/I-Ask-questions-u inHumanForScale

12. Really big puppers.

Really stupid hooman.

Biggest Wolf: HumanForScale
byu/Secret_Artist_7331 inHumanForScale

11. That is a ridiculously large pizza.

It’s gonna take more than a handful of kids to eat that thing.

Found this old photo of me and my friends next to this giant pizza
byu/Discocheese69 inHumanForScale

10. The redwoods always get me.

It’s just unbelievable, every single time.

Recent trip to the Sequoias. Myself for scale.
byu/ausmosis_jones inHumanForScale

9. I’m sorry, what?


Bald Eagle’s nest
byu/unusuals86 inHumanForScale

8. You don’t want to get in the way of that thing.

That ice better look out.

Human vs Icebreaker
byu/jayman1818 inHumanForScale

7. Maybe they should make them a bit bigger.

It might be faster all of the time, then?

The size of a FIber Optic strand that is capable of providing high speed internet speeds up to 2200/MBs
byu/Astepski inHumanForScale

6. They really had to project.

Especially if those benches were full.

Greek Amphitheater in Sicily, with my mom (5’8”) on stage
byu/Slipshodgrain45 inHumanForScale

5. I wonder how many people died building that.

Because I guarantee you the answer is “more than one.”

The Stones in this wall of the 15th century Sacsayhuamán Citadel in Peru are Huge
byu/rockystl inHumanForScale

4. That’s a big ol’ nope.

And I like orb weavers.

🔥 Female Golden Orb-Weaver on a mates hat. QLD Australia
by inNatureIsFuckingLit

3. That’s one brave sister.

I wouldn’t be going near that alien thing.

Found a really big worm, used my sister for scale
byu/pleisto_cene inHumanForScale

2. This picture gives me anxiety.


Our subreddit is trending! Here’s a swimmer holding on to a giant underwater boat propeller.
byu/beethy inHumanForScale

1. No wonder those things cost so much money.

My word that is a big piece of science.

Large Hadron Collider in Geneva
by inHumanForScale

I’m gobsmacked by some of these all over again, y’all.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever seen in person? Tell us about it in the comments!