14 Funny Jokes That Have A Funny Ending You Probably Didn’t Expect

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are some jokes that end up where you’re sensing they’re gonna go all along. There are others that are complete surprises and take left turns that can’t be anticipated – and those might be the jokes that get the bigger, if more incredulous, laughs.

After all, what makes a joke is subverted expectations – if you’re expectations are met, then where’s the humor?

These 14 posts definitely take interesting paths to get to their lols, but they end up there all the same!

14. All philosophies are valid.

13. I’m an American I can eat a lot.

12. If only people who crossed lines were willing to do math.


11. Millennials, man. What are you going to do?


10. He’s really gouging you on the hugs geez.


9. Yes, yes usually. I think.

8. As it very often is.


7. Annnnnnnd the letdown.

6. Did I pass the test?

5. Crap, she’s seen the movie.

4. Would you like a second date now?

3. Too much marijuana is not necessarily a good thing.


2. I’m 99% sure this is accurate.


1. This would be funnier if they were chewing ice but ok.

I love not knowing where I’m going but being along for the ride, anyway.

Did you see these punchlines a mile away? If so, you’re more intuitive than I am!