14 Laundry Disasters That Might Make You Cringe

Do you think doing your laundry is all fun and games?

Think again, pal!

What you’re about to see might shock you and cause you serious distress, so please be careful…because laundry disasters are no joke!

Okay, maybe I over-exaggerated just a little bit, but it is pretty annoying when you think your laundry is gonna come out of the machine in pristine condition and you discover that YOU BLEW IT in epic fashion.


If laundry accidents really disturb you, we want you to please proceed slowly when you look at these photos…

1. Well, at least there’s a happy ending.

It looks great on the pup!

2. Who will get it next?

Also, did that belong to Captain Kirk?

The many stages in my sweater’s life from funny

3. This now belongs to you.

Wear it with pride!

I shrunk my gf’s favourite sweater, but her loss is Oak’s gain! from aww

4. Oops! Sorry about that!

“Kind of shrunk” is an understatement.

5. What the hell did you do?!?!

This is a bit extreme.

You did not do well from funny

6. That is very unlucky.

I’m sorry for your loss…

These six socks were washed together, one shrunk. from mildlyinteresting

7. That was determined to be a lie.

This is a total disaster.

My pillow said "Washing Machine and Dryer Safe" I open up my dryer to this from mildlyinfuriating

8. It is no longer your favorite…

And we feel sorry for you.

Washed my favourite jumper 🙁 from Wellthatsucks

9. How did that happen?

That sure is odd…

Accidentally washed my wallet and this dog appeared from mildlyinteresting

10. Someone care to explain this?

All tied up in knots.

Laundry time from Wellthatsucks

11.  So naturally…

It now belongs to the dog!

Accidentally shrunk my sweater while doing laundry, so naturally… from pics

12. The washing machine came to life.

It’s like the movie Maximum Overdrive.

So, I came back to check on my laundry… from WTF

13. A bad accident…

Do you have a cat that might want to wear it?

Accidentally put my wool hat in the washing machine. Label said handwash cold. from Wellthatsucks

14. Time to make those gloves into hand-me-downs.

Some little kid will love them!

I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine from Wellthatsucks

Have you had any terrible laundry disasters in your life?

If so, please tell us your stories in the comments!

And provide photographic evidence if you have it!

Thanks in advance!