14 Life Lessons People Wished They’d Learned at a Younger Age

Experience begets wisdom, but sometimes it can be hard not to lament all of the years you spent not doing or believing or just understanding a fundamental truth that changed the way you look at the world.

Regrets are normal, but if you’re still young, take note of these 14 life lessons that would be much better off if they were learned at a younger age.

14. Just say it. What’s the worst that could happen?

Saying “I love you” or wanting to reach out to your family, friends, and loved ones, but crippling anxiety stops you.

You never know when it may be too late to say these things, so be in the moment, and live/love in the present authentically.

13. Words do, in fact, hurt.

Yes some words can never be taken back. I learned the hard way. This is why it’s better to train yourself to think carefully before saying something. I didn’t do that because I wanted everything to come naturally but I realized that’s just an excuse I used to avoid taking responsibility of things I said.

Assuming that the other person appreciates honesty and is open minded, because some people won’t understand regardless of what you say. It’s best to avoid speaking with these people if possible, unless you have to. Things can become toxic pretty easily. Regardless, thinking carefully, analysing the situation, and choosing your words carefully is an important life skill to have and will definitely help you in the future. It can be pretty tiring to always have to think before you say something but it’s all a matter of practice. The more you do it, the more natural it becomes. Best tip is to wait 10 seconds before speaking. And do not let anger speak for you. Simple misunderstandings, and emotions like anger ruin relationships. Try to cool off before making rash decisions. Putting effort is what’s important, results are bonuses.

Small misunderstandings can ruin closest relationships. I am not forbidding you guys to be what you are or always be the one to compromise. What I meant to say is that don’t give in to anger and pride and let it make rash decisions for you. I have hurt my loved ones more than once, only to regret it later. I know how confusing and hard it can become. Just do your best to maintain inner peace. If the other person is being unreasonable, it’s totally out of your hands. What matters is you did your part and you put in the effort because you value the relationship more than winning an argument. And sometimes you have to let go and forgive, even if you were right. Because no one lives forever, and life is too short to be having fights. You don’t have to agree with me, just having different perspectives can be beneficial.

12. Live however makes you happy.

Don’t worry if you aren’t living an exciting or extravagant life.

It’s okay to live simply and quietly. It doesn’t mean that you’re wasting your life.

11. Communication is important.

Took me years to learn to suck it up, admit I was wrong, and apologize. Feels so natural to me now to apologize to my husband when I’m being an asshole. I don’t know what the appeal was to just dig my heels in and escalate but it’s really nice now. Fights last all of five minutes if we even bother getting to that point.

I apologized to my sister once and she got all weirded out. Guess I know where it came from lol. Still don’t do it on the internet. Baby steps.

10. Be kind to yourself.

Don’t ever think it’s ok to “talk” to yourself in a manner you wouldn’t let another human being talk to you.

The biggest abuser I ever had in my life, was my constant companion: the thoughts in my head.

We often take care to choose our words when correcting a child or friend… but if anyone had talked to me, the way I talked to me for 30 straight fucking years, I would have murdered them… and probably got away with it too.

Be nice to yourself, you’re the only you, you have.

9. Life is full of consequences.

Mistakes have consequences. Sometimes they are huge consequences, such as a mistake while driving could kill yourself or someone else. Sometimes they’re little consequences. But always learn from your mistakes and that you should always be learning and improving yourself.

8. Far too few adults understand these things.

Interest rates, credit cards, credit score, money saving techniques, 401K.

In other words anything that keeps you from being trapped by poor money management.

7. Learn something new every day.

That it’s never too late to learn.

6. All cats are traps.

A cat on his back inviting a chesty rub is a trap.

5. Know your own worth.

The value of walking away from someone toxic in your life, even if it is your parents and family.

If you are thinking of it and are scared and have somewhere where you can land in a safe place, then do it.

It hurts like hell for a long while, but it gets better and one day you realize how peaceful your life is and you find you only miss the family you wish you had had.

4. You must know your limits – even if they’re 0.

How slippery a slope addiction is.

How quickly trying something at a party turns into being hooked.

3. People really are mostly good.

That most people will just help you, how and if they can, if you are honest with them

It seems like so many people feel the need to conceal what they actually want from you, and try to get it by presenting a half truth or what they think you want to hear, instead of just being straight forward

2. Simple but so very true.

Learning when to say no.

Learning how to apologize when it’s your fault, and how to not apologize when it’s not your fault.

1. No one ever wants to consider this until it’s too late.

That they are terrible at parenting.

I for sure wish that 20-year-old me had understood these things.

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