14 Memes That Are Especially for Generation X, but Will Make Us All Laugh

Millennials, Boomers, and Generation Z get most of the attention when it comes to social media, the regular media, and memes everywhere. Generation X – the smallest of the three, but I think, the coolest – is often overlooked.

Which is kind of funny, since taking care of ourselves and going unnoticed has always kind of been our thing.

If you’re a fellow Gen Xer (or even a Xennial), these 14 memes are for you.

14. Only sort of, though.

Mostly we think our kids are pretty bada$s.

13. We actually almost died in those things.

But it was for candy, so we were down.

12. Remember…we don’t care.

We’re drowning in student loan debt, too, but we will burn it all down.

11. We’ve been training for this moment all of our lives.

And yeah, we’re more ready than anyone else.

10. Or maybe Jessica.

But actually, Karen also works.

9. See also: the new Tool album.

We remember when music was good, that’s all.

8. Protip.

We’ve been pissing them off for years.

7. None of our business.

Pass the pipe.

6. And we’re totally smug about it.

Smugness is a generational vibe.

5. They showed us, I guess.

We never say this to our kids, either.

4. We’re not cheering for either side.

We’re just there for the booze.

3. “I don’t really care.”

It’s our mantra, and it works for us.

2. You can’t get us that easily.

We also love The Matrix.

1. We’re easily amused.

But no, we’re not going in there.

I feel like I’m among my people when I read these!

What makes you know you’re talking to someone from Gen X?

Tell us in the comments!