14 Interesting Science Experiments That Happened Totally by Accident

Ever since Breaking Bad made science cool again all those years ago, the internet can’t get enough homegrown science experiments.

What’s even more thrilling is when science happens irl without any real reason, rhyme, or planning.

Especially when they’re less volatile than Coke and Mentos volcanoes.

Here are 14 mildly interesting science experiments that happened in real life completely by accident.

1. At-home jewelry

I’m going to start buying marbles in bulk instead of browsing Tiffany & Co.

This is what happens when you heat an ordinary marble over a flame then immediately drop it into cold water from mildlyinteresting

2. This perfectly polished coconut

Ever seen something so orb-like before?

This is what happens when you polish a coconut from mildlyinteresting

3. Primary colors!

Ugh, it’s just so pretty.

What happens when you put M&Ms in a dish of water. Diffusion force barriers from mildlyinteresting

4. When lightning strikes

That’s a seriously sick pattern.

This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Flag On A Golf Course from interestingasfuck

5. Editing inception

Taking a negative of a negative feels like you’re diving into some crazy alternate universe.

This is what happens if you take a negative picture of a negative screen. from mildlyinteresting

6. Extreme cooking

Cooking under bitingly cold conditions certainly presents its challenges.

This is what happens to food in Antartica at -94°F/-70°C from interestingasfuck

7. Now that’s what I call optics

Look at how the light bends!

Apparently this is what happens when light passes through the blinds and hits my trash can… from mildlyinteresting

8. So inky

This is real art.

What happens when wood is burnt with high voltage from mildlyinteresting

9. Well, this one makes sense

Gummy bears melt – who knew?

this is what happens when you leave a pack of gummy bears in an 105 degree car. from mildlyinteresting

10. I’m scared

They’re going to come after us. With the amount of french fries we’ve all eaten, no one is safe.

What happens when you leave potatoes in the cellar for 6 months from mildlyinteresting

11. A perfect beat

This queen did a real good job.

A friend of mine is a drag queen. This is what happened last night when he took off his makeup. from mildlyinteresting

12. This new kind of ice art

Who needs a swan sculpture when you could have this?

What happens when water freezes on a spinning wheel. from mildlyinteresting

13. Goth McDonalds

I’m so ready for this gothic upgrade. Make this my next order. Even if it tastes bad.

This is what happens when you microwave McDonalds fries for 30 minutes (instead of 30 seconds). from mildlyinteresting

14. A vintage tomato

This is probably what food is supposed to look like.

Modern tomato vs one grown from 150yo seeds from mildlyinteresting

Well, that was kind of cool! Looks like science is happening all around us – all the time.

What’s your favorite accidental science experiment? Share with us in the comments below!