14 Not-So-Festive Things About Having a December Birthday

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There are good and bad things about being born in each and every month, but while some people might think it would be fun to have your birthday coincide with school vacation or a time when gifts are already flowing freely, the truth is that there are plenty of downsides to being born in December.

Here are 14, from people who have plenty of firsthand experience.

14. Your birthday gift is probably wrapped in Christmas paper.

Hope you like green and red!

13. You’re stuck with your family.

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No one wants to let loose and party with their great aunt Mildred.

12. It’s hard to find somewhere to celebrate.

Everywhere good is booked up for Christmas parties, so good luck on that one.

11. If you do, it will be piled high with Christmas decor.

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You’ll look at pictures later and wonder if you’re celebrating the holiday or your birthday.

10. You kind of give up on your birthday being special after awhile.

What’s the point?

9. It’s hard to get people together for a party.

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Everyone is like, spending time with their family and crap.

8. It’s just a very busy time of year.

Honestly, good luck finding one single Saturday that people want to go out and celebrate you.

7. No one can leave it alone.

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Everyone, everywhere has to mention that it probably sucks to be born in December.

6. You never got to celebrate with your classmates.

School was out, and your friends forgot about you for two weeks, too.

5. You’ll never upstage Jesus.

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The OG December birthday that’s actually a July birthday but hey, sure, steal your thunder.

4. You never get summery gifts.

All of your presents come in a rush.

3. Or you get small gifts.

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Because everyone shot their load on Christmas, and now they’re broke.

2. And then there are 11 months without gifts.

It’s a vast desert to traverse.

1. Traveling is extra expensive.

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So, no one can afford to visit you, and you can’t afford to escape alone to a booze-filled beach.

I’ll take April and its boring birthstone (and usually chilly wet weather) any day!

When is your birthday? What’s the best/worst thing about being born in your month? Tell us in the comments!