15 People Recount That Time They Picked up a Hitchhiker

Image Credit: Pixabay

Have you ever been tempted to pick up that person walking along the side of the road, thumb in the air as they waited for someone willing to give them a lift to wherever they’re headed?

I have to admit that, though I’ve been tempted, I’ve never actually pulled the trigger. And now that I’ve got two little kids in the car with me more often than not, I probably won’t.

So, I’ll have to live vicariously through these stories.

15. This is a great story.

Have you ever picked up a hitch-hiker? from AskReddit

14. I love this more every time I read it.

13. He must have really needed those gardening supplies.

12. A little kindness goes a long way.

11. Well that’s completely random.

10. Everyone loves love.

9. When a kindness literally saves your life.

8. That’s how you know you’ve had a really nice time with your dad.

7. I bet that was one delicious dinner.

6. A little interesting conversation to pass the time.

5. hahahahaha get out.

4. I hope it didn’t kill more than conversation.

3. A kindness passed on.

2. His name was Walter.

1. Most people aren’t crazy murderers.

Some of these are expected, and others definitely aren’t.

Have you ever picked up someone thumbing for a ride? What happened – we need details!