14 Odd Jokes That Might Make You Laugh

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It seems that I can’t get enough of the weird jokes that proliferate on the Internet. If it makes me snort, I’m in. Nevermind if it’s nerdy, geeky, some combination of the two, or just downright silly. If it’s odd and it has me in an unexpected fit of giggles, I’m fine with letting my freak flag fly.

If you are too, then unfurl it and let’s go!

14. Accurate

Photo Credit: Twitter,bea_ker

13. So bad it’s good

Photo Credit: Twitter,WheelTod

12. I’m pretty sure that’s right

Photo Credit: Twitter,ArielDumas

11. Hey, you gotta do you

10. You have to give her points for originality

Photo Credit: Twitter,katlopez05

9. I’ll have what she’s having. Ha!

Photo Credit: Twitter,ohen39

8. Nailing the tarot thing

Photo Credit: Twitter,meandmydog69

7. Baby got basement

6. *snerk*

Photo Credit: Twitter,MarfSalvador

5. Pay no attention to the man with the feathers…

Photo Credit: Twitter,KeetPotato

4. Best

3. Nerds are the besssttttt

Photo Credit: Twitter,ireenee_b

2. Can. Not. Unsee.

Photo Credit: Twitter,coolado_

1. Thank goodness someone finally stepped up to the plate!

Photo Credit: Twitter,joeyalison

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