14 of the Most Mischievous Cats on the Internet

Cats. We love them. We care for them them. And sometimes, we’re at war with them.

If you’ve ever known a cat, you’ll understand how mischievous they can be. Behind those adorable eyes lies a cunning mind, and a predator’s instinct, waiting to pounce.

These 14 cats are some of the most mischievous cats on the Internet, and yet we still love them. How can you stay mad at something so cute and furry?

1. I’ve heard of guard dogs.

But guard cats?

2. I’m seeing a pattern

Don’t mess with black cats.

He’s on a diet. It’s not going great. from AnimalsBeingJerks

3. “You underestimate me, human.”

I can sit on anything.

4. Someone is getting a little too friendly

It’s not that sort of chat, kitty.

The cat loves to show her @ during the daughter’s virtual clASSes. from funny

5. What’s better than catching a mouse?

The keys to the safe deposit box. Who’s box? Doesn’t matter. It’s our now.

My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else’s keys in her mouth from funny

6. So cute. So devious.

Even in their sleep, they find a way to torture you.

My cat, deeply asleep with the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We’ve been searching for it for 10 minutes. from cats

7. “Hey, can I borrow your earbuds?”

I just want to see them for a second.

That smile, that damn smile from Wellthatsucks

8. I’m not sure what’s happening here

But that sign says it all.

‘This cat is not stuck’ from aww

9. A little higher on the right…

Sure…that’s great. I’ll just…fix those later.

Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and "fixes" them from CatsAreAssholes

10. This cat

Is my favorite cat.

Vandalism from pics

11. Hey, I was gonna eat that

Ok, so I was going to pick at it to feel healthy and then throw most of it away, but still.

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12. Trap cat

The most malicious of cats.

My cat Furgus. He also doubles up as a step. from funny

13. Stowaway cat

Now that we’re 2 hours into this ride…HELP!

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14. Never forget human…

I own YOU.

He pushed my tv off the stand 🙂 from CatsAreAssholes

I’m starting to feel lucky the worst thing my cat’s ever done is knock over a mirror.

But was anyone REALLY mad when they saw those yellow paint paw prints on the pavement? I hope not.

Is your cat this mischievous? Share your story in the comment.