14 People Admit What Terrified Them as Kids but Doesn’t at All Anymore

Let’s take a fun trip down memory lane, shall we?

I’m sure that you remember what it was like to be really scared of all kinds of things when you were a kid. The dark, monsters under your bed, the woods, all kinds of fun stuff!

But when you get a little bit older, you realize that those things that terrified you as a kid just don’t scare you at all anymore. Hey, it’s part of life!

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Just like Norman Bates.

“Opening the shower curtain, I was SURE there was some monster or murderer waiting for me behind it.”

2. Didn’t work out that way.

“Catching fire.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get set on fire at all, but the amount of Stop, Drop, and Roll lessons I got in kindergarten made me think this was going to be a once-a-year thing at minimum.”

3. You need protection.

“My bedroom as a kid was a den converted into a bedroom/laundry room and one wall was covered in a black mirror with gold paint flecks, very 70s.

But at night the shadows combined with the dark glass and paint made me imagine faces, figures, etc.

It really scared me and I would line up my stuffed animals along my bed to protect me.”

4. This is sweet.

“Asking my grandpa a question.

Man was he intimidating to talk to as a kid.

Now I love talking to him when I can.”

5. Stay far away.

“Bees and wasps.

To be honest I still prefer they don’t buzz around me but when I was little I remained a SAFE 5 meters away from them.”

6. The windmill.

“There was a huge abandoned windmill in our neighborhood that once pumped water from the river.

At random, the windmill blades would start to turn at night, never in the day.

As kids that used to hang out nearby, it felt like the windmill was haunted as it “came to life” at dark hours.”

7. Great movie!

“The Beast from The Sandlot.

Freaked me out back then, but now that I can see how low budget the dog looks (still an amazing movie by the way) I find it a bit less scary.”

8. A classic.

“The video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Every last scene where it appeared to be just a dream and Michael’s looking normal, but then he turns around and stares at you with the werewolf eyes… that terrified me.”

9. Take shelter.


I used to hide under the covers and could only run from the room between flashes. Now I will sit at the window and watch. I love a good thunderstorm now.

All it took was a (very weird) 9-ish year old me to stand at the window during a big storm and yell things like “Is that all you’ve got?” Yeah, kinda like Lieutenant Dan but before I ever saw Forrest Gump.”

10. Uh oh…

“Jesus randomly showing up during dinner.

I thought he’d use the door.

Clearly I was raised to fear the wrath of God.”


“Looking at mirrors in the night.

I thought they would become haunted in the dark.

I was scared of mirrors generally because of a children’s horror show, which caused me to believe that if I let my guard down, the mirror me was going to trap me inside and then replace me.”

12. We were all worried about it.

“The Bermuda Triangle.

I’ve encountered it a lot loss than I thought I would have.”

13. Keep that thing away from me.

“A stuffed, dead pheasant my dad shot while hunting.

It scared me so much he had to keep it in the garage.”

14. Makes sense, I guess.

“A straight row of fully grown trees.

Grew up in the desert. Trees were around but not packed densely and were mostly palo verde trees or palm trees. But there was a row of trees that looked like what I consider most would imagine “typical trees” look like.

And that one row of trees was also in close proximity to a large prison. My brother told me that’s where Mr. Boogedy lived and where the escaped murderers would hide when they’d break out of prison.

Oh yeah, did I mention we had a guy break out of prison and murder the town Librarian when I was a kid?

So…yeah. Tree lines.”

How about you?

What really scared you as a kid but doesn’t anymore?

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