14 People Consider These Things Signs of Bad Manners

I know that things like manners and propriety can seem old fashioned, but here’s the thing – some of them are outdated, and some were super specific and only applied to upper class interactions. Others, though, are just the respectful way to interact with society.

Eschewing those kind – like these 14 – shows a lack of caring about yourself, your friends and family, and anyone else you might run into on a daily basis.

14. Seriously – headphones!

People who let their kids watch annoying ass YouTube videos in public places without headphones. Pure trash.

13. I have no idea why a person would do this.

When I’m out with a friend and we meet someone they know but I don’t, and that person makes no effort to introduce themselves to me or include me in the conversation.

Like, I know I’m the designated Less Hot Friend but you don’t have to remind me of it

12. It’s so easy to throw away your trash.

Leaving their rubbish at a fast food restaurant.

Most offenders are parents who think it’s their day off or teenagers that have learned this behavior from said parents.

11. It’s just common courtesy.

People that don’t put their weights away at the gym.

God this pisses me off so much.


I threw my back out pretty badly and the free weight machines were the only ones that didnt hurt me for some reason. Trying to lift a 20kg weight from heights above your waist with cooked spaghetti for a back is PAINFUL. I had to ask someone to help me move weights so I could use the machine once. So embarrassing.

10. And now with the one-way arrows…

When grocery shoppers leave their carts in the middle of the aisle instead of pulling over.

Come on folks… it’s not that hard!

9. Respect is earned.

People who act mean towards others for apparently no reason.

I got this friend who always talks down to younger people and I’m like “you need to gain people’s respect, don’t take it for granted”

8. It’s so simple and it goes a long way!

Not saying “Thank You” to stuff like someone holding a door open for them or a waiter/waitress refilling their drink.

Just be nice, please!

7. You’ve got to read the room.

Overstaying your welcome or inviting yourself to things. I had a friend who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Like get the hint. It’s midnight and you’ve been here all day.

I am not talking about someone who just doesn’t get hints because they are oblivious. I’m talking about someone who will make excuses and guilt trip their way into staying even after clear reminders that they need to leave soon. Or even just saying to them it’s time for them to get out.

If you don’t get hints that’s totally okay as long as you understand when someone asks you to leave.

6. That’s a good way to get a shot of saliva in your beverage.

People who click their fingers at waiting or bar staff.

5. Life doesn’t have to be a competition.

When they turn everything into a one up contest.

4. Don’t just wait to talk.

Interrupting mid sentence.

I know I’m guilty at times, it makes me feel like trash.

3. Understand when people are just doing their jobs.

Yelling at retail workers. Most recently about wearing masks or putting hand sanitizer on.

It takes little to no effort and people lose their minds over it

2. This isn’t kindergarten, folks.

Cutting!!!! In!!!!! Line!!!!!

This old lady tried to skip me in line (seemed easy for her as I was social distancing…) and I gave her “the look”, she then silently proceeds to walk over to the cashier to ask if she can cut in line…

The laughs from all of us waiting in line proceeded as she was denied via a confused “no you may not…” + a wtf look from the cashier 😂

1. Any kind of grooming in public, tbh.

People who cut their nails on public transportation.

Do your grooming at home.

Don’t be like these people, y’all – consider those around you!

What would you add to this list? If something is missing, let us know in the comments!