14 People Muse on What They Would Do If No Moral Compass Held Them Back

There are people in the world who live without, or ignore, their moral compass. Most of them are probably in jail, alone, or on their way to both, though.

The rest of us listen to the voice in our ear telling us the “right” thing to do, though – but if we didn’t, these 14 people have some ideas on what they might do instead.

14. Ba-dum-ching.

I’d be a lawyer.

13. I suppose, but there’s a cost.

I’d have sugar daddies pay my rent and tuition.

Seems like such a life hack…

12. We all need time to grieve.

Not that anyone will see this, but I just need to tell anybody.

I’d be leaving my family to deal with my father’s death so that I can go and be in my own home, by myself, and completely switch off and actually grieve.

But they need me.

11. This seems likely.


I’d be really really dead.

10. If you’re not worried about the risk.

Cutting drugs.

I know some drug dealers and one of them offered me a job cutting/measuring and packing cocaine and heroin but I turned it down.

I would either have to cut it at their place, which is always at risk of being busted while I’m there, or at my place – which I just refuse to do – I have cats, I’m not risking them licking some of that shit up.

It’s just not worth the risk, and also I don’t really want to have a hand in someone else’s addiction. I don’t do drugs or even drink, because I grew up with a heroin addicted mother. I don’t want to do that to someone else’s kid.

9. An all-too-common tale.

Getting laid.

Since I do have a moral compass though, I’m sticking it out in my dead bedroom relationship, hoping that one day, when he’s not so stressed out from work, he might actually notice me 🙁

8. Eh, it’s probably not worth it.

Cracking on to a married guy I know.

7. That sounds major.

Probably joining the neighbor in f*cking his wife while Doom soundtracks are blasting in the background instead of listening to it from the neighborhood while smoking.

6. This one makes me sad.

Honestly, having s*x with a woman. I don’t know if I’m gay or bi or what but… I know I’m with a man but I really really really want to have s*x with a woman.

5. Also…

Looking for the nearest attractive person to have s*x with.

Also burglary.

4. There’s some kind of story idea in there.

Just not give a f*ck about anyone and stop being nice, if you’re stupid I’ll punch u.

Modern medicine has gone too far, if natural selection don’t cut it anymore, I will.

3. How mature.

Exactly the same.

Even if I didn’t have a moral compass, I’d still have a brain and sense of self-preservation which means anything that I’d be more willing to do I still wouldn’t due to the consequences.

2. That escalated quickly.

Invading Poland.

1. I, um…I guess we asked.

Realistically, due to my poor impulse control and my hyper sexuality thanks to my Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD.

I’d probably rob as many places as possible, have s*x with prostitutes, go back to being an ecstacy addict and hunt down and kill old friends and family who have broken my heart.

Some of these just break my heart (and others are like…yep!).

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