14 People Recall the Creepiest Moments of Their Lives

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Some of us will be lucky enough to live a life that’s totally devoid of creeps and creepy moments that make you feel like you barely escaped with your life.

But most people have at least one memory that sends chills down their spine every time it crops up – and I’m not sure how these 14 people manage to sleep most nights.

14. What in the heck is WRONG with people?

I got off work early one day and go back to my apartment to relax before I have to go pick up my boyfriend (we only have one car). When I get to my apartment building there are four guys (one I recognize as living there and three must be visitors) standing at the parking lot entrance to the building being loud and joking around.

I wearly walk around the group of guys and unfortunately have to get close to them to get in the door (there is another door clear on the other side of the building that often times doesn’t work) they start whistling and calling out to me. I ignore them punch in the passcode and keep walking not even looking in their direction because I dont want to encourage them.

One of them catches the door before it closes and follows me inside uncomfortably close up three flights of stairs (no elevators in the building which I’m kind of glad about now). I have my keys out and placed between my knuckles. I start walking up the steps faster and pull open the heavy door to my hallway with only enough space for me to get through and luckily the door closes fast I use this to my advantage and sprint down my hallway to my door and get my key in the lock.

The guy pushes the hallway door open and sprints after me. I turn my lock and slam my door behind me locking it again just as he reaches the door. (There are only six apartments on each floor 3×2 and my door is in the middle) I watch as my handle shakes and jiggles as he tries to open my door. He calls out to me ” I know you’re in there.” I dont answer as I call my boyfriend asking him to grab a cab and explain what just happened. Then I call the police where they tell me they cant do anything as he didnt get into my apartment and tell me that by the time they get to me the guy will probably be gone anyways.

When my boyfriend got him they were gone. I didnt go home early until after that guy moved out and a quiet family with a baby took his place. I never saw the guy who tried to get into my apartment again and I hope it stays that way.

13. You’ve gotta listen to your instincts.

I’d once been to a concert and had to get a coach back to the centre of my home city which arrived at around 3 in the morning. The taxi rank outside the coach station was empty so I got my phone out to call a local taxi firm (this was around 2014 so Uber/Lyft ect wasn’t operating in my area yet).

I was stood near the doors of the coach station which was well lit and had plenty of staff and customers milling about inside as it operates 24 hours. So I felt safe enough to get my phone out and ring for a taxi outside rather than going in (probably stupid in hindsight as it could have easily been robbed – I think after 3 hours on a stuffy coach I probably just wanted some fresh air.)

As I was looking up a phone number, a man from the coach approached and asked if I was looking to get home. I told him I was getting myself a taxi but he started offering to take me home himself. He said it would be free and although I politely refused, he kept insisting, all the while moving closer and blocking the coach station doors.

Eventually I panicked and just legged it to the closest 24 hour maccies. I definitely could have been more assertive and told a member of coach station staff about him to make sure he didn’t try anything with someone else. But I was tired, scared and just wanted to get away from him.

12. I would have had to move.

I used to live in Germany few years back. it was a small town near Cologne. I was 18 and im asian(female). My dad rented for me an first floor apartment in the center of the town. i lived there by myself. The first floor apartment was a bit too big for me. Once you open the door to my apartment it was the living room and my door had a pretty big glass design on it. So if someone stands really close to the door you can slightly see the person standing behind it. And One night i was in my living room studying I heard a light knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. So i asked who’s there but no one answered a few sec later he knocked again but a harder this time. I got super afraid I tried to look through the blurred glass. And it was a tall man in his 30s(i think he was german). At this moment i got the chills down my back Because he was just knocking at 1am silently. But i pulled myself together and asked again but loudly who’s there with a annoyed confident voice. He replied that he wanted to give me money and when i tried to see him he was holding an 20€ bill. I asked him what nonsense was he talking about? and he said he wanted to give me money because i was beautiful. I got really creeped out and asked him to leave and i didn’t wanted his money. He continued to knock so i told him i would call the police. After that he stopped knocking. And when i peeked outside from my window carefully not to be seen by him. He was standing there looking at the front door for i think was the longest 10min. I was young and alone in foreign country. I knew no one. So after this incident i was always afraid to stay home because i was all alone.

11. That is so not okay.

We had snow unexpectedly a week ago. Went to bed like usual with my husbands alarm set a few minutes early so he could account for ice. Woke up and noticed shoe prints on our deck, facing the sounding door to our bedroom. We’re currently remodeling so there’s no curtain or anything there. Apparently, someone just watched us sleep for a bit. The slider and French doors on the same deck were both unlocked, but we have 2 dogs (that didn’t even bark) so I’m not sure if they just didn’t try to get in or didn’t have the guts to do it.

We now have camera all around our house and curtains on order.

10. The police “not being able to do anything” is why I’ll never run out of true crime shows to watch.

I was pregnant and living in my parents family home, I was 22 and single but with lots of support. We shared a driveway with my next door neighbor who rented out basement apartments to people who were part of a government program trying to get them back on track. My neighbor was received money for helping them while they looked for jobs.

The men would often sit on the stoop outside the side door on their stoop on the driveway and smoke cigarettes.

As I would walk to my car I would say hello to them, one of them had been there for a couple years and was very friendly.

The other one, lets call him “Bernard” was often outside when I came home. He was balding, mid-fifties with glasses. He was skinny and one day he told me he had cancer. I was empathetic towards him, told him I wished him well with his treatment and pretty much left it at that.

My sister was home one day when she noticed him in our back yard, peering in the window where my bedroom was. She found it strange so she messaged me. I became a little more weary, I closed the blinds instead of leaving them open. My room was in the basement so he had to crouch down to look in the windows.

I got home one day and on the driveway where I park my car usually there was a heart made out of rocks and inside was flowers. My neighbor told me he saw Bernard laying them there. I began to avoid his eyes when I walked out the door. I would exit out the front instead of the side door. I was about 6.5 months pregnant and I was getting big, I started worrying that I wouldn’t easily be able to run away.

He began to write letters and leave them in my mailbox, the letters made no sense but they were signed Love Uncle Bernard and “Uncle Sweety Pie” My mom went to the police and explained my concerns about his behaviour and asked what we should do in this case. The advice was that they couldn’t do anything but I could go to him and explain he wasn’t allowed on my property. I promptly did that the next time I saw him. Sometimes at night I would get home and see his silhouette on the stoop, the smoke swirling in to the air. I would run inside my house.

Shortly after I confronted him I received an envelope full of balloons which had been blown up and individually popped. I saw the correlation between my pregnant belly and his popped balloons. We went back to the police, they still “couldn’t do anything.” I felt really let down, there were a few more “gifts” he left me, I told my neighbor and the other tenant and they told me they would keep an eye on the situation. I didn’t want to be home alone, I was having nightmares of him peering through my window.

One day my mom and I came home and there were about 8 police cars surrounding his house. The other basement tenant had found Bernard trying to leave his house wielding a machete, he called 911. We all got restraining orders and never heard from him again! Needless to say, that scarred me lol

9. An ancient horror?

I knew a guy who was an archaeologist who worked with Native American sites. One year there was a lot of rain and after a mudslide, one of the other people working with him was driving along and saw a skull lying in the middle of the road. Apparently the rain washed out an old burial ground, and since grave-digging is illegal (even if the “grave” isn’t really buried anymore) they just had to bury the remains somewhere nearby.

They consulted with the tribes whose ancestors had lived in that area, but none of them knew of any burial ground nearby (not surprising, since it was probably from hundreds or thousands of years ago), so they just kind of had to guess.

8. Well, that’s certainly a red flag.

I’ve had a few but this is one..

When I was in undergrad, I was walking to class in a building when I was approached by a gorgeous guy who was about 6’0 tall with a perfect smile.

He was affable and asked me out. We started hanging out a few times a week. I felt at ease around him. One weekend he invited me to a party his fraternity brothers were hosting. We arrived at the party and I saw my anatomy lab partner who happened to be his fraternity brother. I chatted for a few minutes with the fraternity brother and then I resumed mingling with him for about 10 minutes.

He then asked me to walk back to his car with him. He said for me to get in the car. I sat in the passenger side and he looked at me with the coldest, most venomous look and said “If I see you talking to one of my fraternity brothers ever again, I will smash your head into this fucking windshield.”

I was utterly shocked but my intuition suddenly kicked in and a voice literally said to me “remain calm.” I walked back to the party with him at his demand and at some point found a friend who I implored with to take me to my dorm. I was terrified.

I blocked him after this and pretended like I didn’t know him when I would see him on campus. This guy eventually became student body president. I only told one additional person this happened. I’m sure he was/is abusive to his romantic partners.

UPDATE: I researched him and he’s now a CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist). He administers anesthesia for a living!!

O M G😲

7. This seems like it was a narrow escape.

My high school boyfriends older brother was graduating from our high school. His whole family was in town I was very excited to meet them and to say good bye to my graduating friends. I was 15 at this time but honestly my parents worked nights slept all day and most of the time I was left to my own devices. The high school was a good five miles away from my house…it was a walk I made many times. So I get dressed up and start on my way oblivious to the world. I’m pretty close to the school nearing the parkway, when a nice car (not sure on the specifics but a new model suv) pulls up next to me and an older gentlemen in maybe his late 40s in a nice suit smiles at me, informs me he is the truency officer of my school, and ask me why I’m walking out here all alone. I can’t do that, I need to get in the car, I’m clearly dressed up for graduation so we’re going to the same place! No big deal! I hesistated but ultimately get in the thinking “I know he DOES work for the school because I recognize him, and he is clearly going to graduation which is starting immediately so what can he even do in a car ride over?” So I get in. I honestly don’t remember most of what he said, because I knew immediately from the tone of it that what he was saying was not right. Nothing overtly bad he just kept insisting and reiterating that I should come to him anytime if i needed anything or wanted to talk. He said he had seen me walking home and knew where I lived and he lived just the street behind me and if I needed anything I could just come over. He put his hand on my knee. Then we got to the school and I got out and enjoyed the graduation and the party. That was the end of it. Pretty anticlimactic I know. But he was ultimately arrested for abusing multiple girls. He was convicted and I don’t even know how many girls he abused but i know he picked girls and abused them over and over essentially targeting and grooming the ones he perceived as especially perceptible. I’m unbelievably lucky that nothing happened to me and honestly it scares me more than anything. I see his house in my nightmares sometimes and wonder if there’s something repressed there. I went through a really hard transition in my life that year and there was a lot that I had honestly blocked out

6. Okay I know this isn’t the worst one but also it kind of is?

I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee. I walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, looked in the toilet, sat down and peed, stood up and as i was flushing I looked in the toilet again and there was a spider so big that it’s legs touched all sides of the bowl! Bigger than a hand spread out! It had to be on me because it wasn’t there before I sat down!!!

5. I’m not sure I could laugh about it still.

My best friend and I went for a walk around our local lake when we were about 16. It’s very beautiful with lots of things to see along the way. A few weeks prior I had found a waterfall hidden just off the path when walking with another friend and I wanted to show her.

We leave the path and follow a small creek up towards the waterfall. In the last few weeks we had had some rain – the water was higher and the plants adjacent to the creek we’re bigger than before, so our path across the rocks had to be different this time.

My friend was in front of me. She stopped suddenly and I bumped into her. I asked her why she stopped.

“Naked guy.” She whispered.

“There’s a naked guy crouching over there in the bushes staring as us.”

If it wasn’t for the recent rain we would have walked right into this guy. I don’t want to think about what could have happened to us.

In that moment I learned that my fear response is flight and hers is freeze. I bolted, and grabbed her so she would run as well.

We ran until we were sure he wasn’t following up and looked for another person for safety. We stopped a jogger who was an absolute angel. We told her what happened and asked her what we should do. She stayed with us while we called the police and then walked us to the nearest establishment all while telling us everything was ok and we were safe now. I don’t know her name but I hope she’s doing well, she really helped us out that day.

The place she walked us to was a super fancy restaurant on top of a hill, overlooking the lake. Think: that scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the French restaurant. We ordered some hot chocolates and talked about what had happened. Suddenly the staff were really accommodating after they overheard us talking!

We can kind of laugh about it all these years later, but it was pretty traumatic, especially for my friend.

4. They dodged a literal bullet.

We picked a hitch hiker up and we asked him if he wanted a cigarette. When he looked at us his pupils were extremely dilated and red, saying “I don’t smoke cigarettes. i like smoking something almost no one does.” That gave us the creeps but we just kept driving since the nearest town was at least 20 miles away

He then kept asking to see his bag which was in the back seat with me since he was sitting in the passenger seat, saying he had something for us. But we couldn’t give it to him since his bag was too big to even get to him. As he was asking for it, he kept reaching into his coat pocket like he was grabbing for something. We finally stopped after it was obvious he was gonna go crazy, and told him to get out. As soon as we drove away, I watched him open his bag and pull out a big pistol.

3. This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night.

My cousins came over my house on my 12th birthday and some random guy snuck in from the backdoor and entered the basement ( we were upstairs) we went down there because we heard boxes being moved then he hit my cousin with a bat twice but we all ran to my neighbours house and called the cops. My cousin got some stitches and broke one of his teeth and the guy wasnt caught.

2. Is this how you kidnap people?

So this was actually pretty recent, as in like 5 months ago. So me and my mom were at Target to pick up groceries and stuff or something :/ idk remember why.

Anyways, on our way in, we hear some lady yelling at us. My mom asked what she needed. This lady, she was about middle-aged btw and she apparently “dropped her car keys in her backseat” and “needed me to crawl in through the trunk to get them”. Now me and my mom would have just walked away because this is clearly some creepy sex offender, right? The only thing was that this lady was actually pretty overweight, which made her story kinda believable. She blew it however, because she insisted on ME climbing into the car when my mom offered to. (my mom is smaller than me)

TLDR; some obese lady in a Target parking lot tried to offend my sex

1. Definitely haunted.

My younger sister has a history of being more sensitive to the paranormal if you believe in that sort of thing. She has a few stories but the most dramatic one is as follows:

My sister used to have a very typical girly room, pink walls, white dresser little shelves with hearts on them covered in trinkets. One trinket in particular was a small music box that had a spring loaded ballerina inside. Like any other music box it had a small latch on the front and a device to wind the box on the bottom. In order to make any sound the box needed to be wound up and opened, of course.

My sister hadn’t touched this music box in years and when she did, she would let it play until the music stopped before putting it away. The music wasn’t very loud as this is a small music box and most people can imagine the volume level. In theory this box couldn’t just pop open despite the spring loaded ballerina inside thanks to that little latch on the outside holding the box tightly closed, and even if it did open the box would need to be wound before it would play.

One night around 3am my entire family is woken by my sister screaming at the top of her lungs. My room was down the hall from her and I remember hearing her screaming and I could also hear the music playing, which is odd because that music box isn’t loud enough for me to hear it from my room. I got out of bed and joined the rest of my family who was grouped together in my sisters room, all of them staring at something on the floor. As I enter the room and looked past my family members I see it. The music box was in the dead centre of my sisters room, open and playing loudly, louder than normal, like as if it has been wound to it’s full tension and it was blaring it’s little heart out.

This music box hasn’t moved in years, as stated earlier in the story, it had sat in the same spot for so long that there was a dust outline from where it had been sitting on the shelf. The shelf had multiple levels and the box was on the lowest shelf to the floor, about 6 inches from the floor. This box somehow managed to get off the shelf without disturbing the dust outline, it then travelled to the centre of my sisters room, a good 4ft from the shelf, the latch opened and the spring wound plenty enough to play music.

My family stood around for a few minutes baffled. My sister said she woke up when she heard music in her room, she recognized the song and knew her music box was playing, at that point she screamed for my parents. She didn’t hear anything fall from a shelf or move in her room prior to the music. After listening to my sister’s explanation, my mom picked up the music box closed it and started trying to get it to “accidentally” open. She tried shaking it, dropping it from over her head and rolling it on the floor. Nothing could get that little latch to pop open. She even tried unlatching the box to see if the ballerina inside had enough strength to open the lid, nope, nothing. We still to this day have no idea how it happened or how the music box managed to move so far from the shelf. It never happened again and my sister has no history of doing things in her sleep. It was a truly strange occurrence in my household.

I definitely have a few moments in my life I wouldn’t relive – how about you?

If it’s not too hard, we’d love to hear about yours in the comments!