13 People Share How the Police Responded to Their Criminal Complaints

You may have noticed that a revolution is happening in the streets of America.

People of all races, ages, and religions are marching in the streets demanding change, and one of the things we’re discussing is what role the police should play in our everyday lives going forward.

Most people feel like it would still be helpful to have police to call in the case of, you know, a crime being committed.

In a fit of curiosity, though, Twitter user @IllyBocean tweeted, asking their followers to recount their own experiences.

These 14 replies seem to suggest that the police response to crime is lacking, to say the least.

13. Ah, the classic blame the victim why not.

You shouldn’t have been out here anyway, you know?

14. I hope he at least got it back for free.

This is outrageous!

11. Seems as if he wasn’t even paying attention, honestly.

Maybe he was just out of shape.

10. This was surely a defining moment for the next generation.

And not at all in a good way.


9. It can be hard to tell who they’re after until it’s too late.

Maybe best to just not say anything.

8. Imagine being ghosted by the police.

And not a darn thing you can do about it.

7. Well that’s a bit awkward.

I hope the other bloke ended up alive and okay.

6. I guess valuable means different things to different people.

I mean. It makes sense, though.

5. Maybe our communities would knit tighter together again without them.

You never know until you try, I guess.

4. Hahahaha yeah hilarious.

Get a real job, losers.

3. It was literally just sitting there for months.

I don’t even have a joke.

2. I’m sorry, how does that work?

I’m not lying on nobody.

1. It might have something to do with their response rate.

It’s just a theory, though.

Clear as mud, right?

We don’t have to have a political discussion in the comments, but if you want to tell us what your experience with the police and reporting crime has been, we’re all ears!