14 People Share Stories About Terrible Co-Workers Who Miraculously Weren’t Fired

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There’s a difference between people who aren’t very good at their jobs and those who willingly do bad things because they are…well, shitty people.

Sometimes, you can cut people some slack if they mess up at work and it was an honest mistake, but it always blows my mind when rude, crude, ignorant people are bad at their jobs (seemingly on purpose) and they still don’t get fired.

It’s enough to make your blood boil, isn’t it?

Here are some very interesting stories from folks on AskReddit about co-workers who got away with a whole lot of stuff and weren’t given the boot.

1. Eventually paid the price.

“Had a boss storing pictures of himself in only his wide open bathrobe on company servers. It was reported to HR but wasn’t fired for it.

Later he was arrested as part of an undercover sting where he thought he was meeting a 15 year old girl about 500 miles away.”

2. That’s pretty bad.

HR rep found out about a person’s elective surgery and made fun of her with a former employee.

Let me recap: this person knew about an employee’s private medical information, because she worked with our healthcare plan in her role as HR, and shared that private information with another person for the sole purpose of mocking the employee.

She was not fired.”

3. Sounds like a piece of work.

“One of my former coworkers (she’s since been fired for stealing customers lottery winnings) told an elderly woman that she was stupid for not knowing how to pump gas.

This woman’s husband had recently passed and he had always pumped the gas for her, so she never learned. I had horrible second hand embarrassment when the woman came in and told us (we relayed it to the manager).”

4. Sounds like a great worker!

“Eat weed, urinate outdoors on garbage cans in public, masturbate and drink on the job.”

5. That’s messed up.

“This dude walks a server out of the server room every six months or so to sell on eBay.

We have literally no security except the front door, but the owner is so ancient and out of touch I doubt she even remembers things are being stolen.”

6. That’s a lot of weed.

“I work in a medical marijuana state.

One guy neglected to check a dry room for a few days assuming all was well. All was not well, at all. The dehumidifier crapped out while the plants were being hung to dry and sat in a warm, dark room for 3 days before it was someone elses responsibility to check it.

By that point every single plant was coated in mold and we had to throw out a little over a million dollars worth of product (side note: I had never done the math to see what he cost us until now and am mad all over again.

His only punishment was to be denied moving to day shift but other than that it was forgotten about.”

7. Psycho.

“Telemarketing co-worker was very obviously a psycho or sociopath. Showed up late every shift by definition, had quite a temper with authority, but would often just cause trouble out of boredom, by his own admission.

The most controversial thing he did one particular day was address every client he spoke to by the ‘n’ word. Once the manager heard him, he yelled at him outside for 20 minutes and that was the end of it.

A week later, this co-worker denied it had ever happened before going on a tangent about how he liked to start arguments with his girlfriend just to see her cry. Fucking sociopath.”

8. Baffling.

“I work in a garden center, this just happened today. Buddy has worked ONE (today) of his scheduled shifts in the past two weeks. He calls in all the time, leaves a message with the cashiers, and hangs up before a manager can talk to him.

On the off chance he does show up, he doesn’t do anything besides move some plants around. Hell, my mom was walking through the garden center today and saw him squatted behind a stack of plants playing on his phone.

Further, the guy takes multiple unauthorized breaks a day and sits in his car for at least an hour because his “back hurts.” He has had two write-ups for missing work and somehow this lazy shite is still on payroll. He’s an asshole towards both coworkers and customers alike.

Nothing he’s done is as preposterous as some of the stories I’m sure are on this thread, but the sheer consistency of his laziness is baffling to me.”

9. At the mall.

“I worked at a convenience store in a mall. We had lotto, and I had this worker who people called “crazy Joe.”

Sometimes, when people are doing lotto, they take a long time picking out tickets. So Joe was waiting on a guy, and he was taking a while, and a line was forming, pretty long. Joe looked at the line and yelled out “does anyone have a gun so I can kill myself?” He then stormed off.

Same place; Gene, a guy in his fifties, touched two of my co-workers’ asses; one was 17 at the time, the other 19. Both girls.

Neither one was fired.”

10. Very classy.

“Guy in the same building I work in was going into the common bathroom and watching porn in one of the stalls on his phone.

Dumbass was using earbuds but had the volume up so loud that anyone could hear it and know what it was. And to top it off, in the background noise you could hear him whacking it while the video played.

Finally someone noticed the shoes that were in view and busted him in the hallway later. HR was called and did interviews with all the dudes in the building who may have overheard him yanking it. Despite many confirmations he was never fired.

But oh the nicknames that came from it……”

11. That’s ridiculous!

“He was caught selling cocaine on work premises. Everyone was talking about how he was going to get fired for a week. Then everybody seemed
to have forgotten.

It helps if the owner is your kid’s godmother.”

12. Why is he still there?

“I have a coworker that has terrible work ethic.

He doesn’t know how to separate his personal life from his work life so if he’s in a bad mood (which happens often), everyone will know including customers. He’s had at least three disciplinary meetings. Once he was caught just fucking around for an hour (not exactly sure what happened but our boss wasn’t happy).

Another time he just didn’t show up to work without calling in, and it was a day that everyone knew would be busy. I don’t know why he hasn’t been fired yet, everywhere else I’ve worked he would’ve been gone by now.”

13. I would think this would lead to termination.

“Drive around the yard on a forklift, no hands on the steering wheel, firing a nailgun at people and objects around the yard.”

14. WTF?

“A coworker jumped out from behind a door at my husband, who is a disabled combat veteran with PTSD, dressed as if he was from the Middle East.

He was literally trying to trigger a flashback.

No repercussions, as he was the boss’ friend. Two weeks later, he fell down some icy steps and broke both legs. Karma took care of that one.”

Some of those stories bring back some bad memories from old jobs I’ve had…

Have you ever had any really terrible co-workers that seemed to get away with everything?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments!