14 People Share the Changes They Made That Improved Their Lives in Huge Ways

It’s never too late to make changes in your life.

Whether you’re in your twenties or in your sixties, you can always turn things around.

And you should!

What changes have you made in your life that really improved things?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Nobody’s paying attention.

“Learning to get over myself.

Nobody cares what I do, nobody is looking at me, and why should I care if they are? Nobody outside my circle has enough context to make accurate judgements about how I live, so why am I trying so hard to justify my decisions?

As soon as I adopted that mindset, being alive got significantly less s**tty. I do my best to be a decent person and to take care of myself, and the only opinions I care about are mine, my partner’s, and my therapist’s.”

2. Hitting the gym.

“Going to the gym.

I used to be a miserable fat b**tard but after three months of going to the gym.

I’ve lost about 15 lbs and feel so much better.”

3. No Ring Lane.

“Permanently placed my phone on Do Not Disturb (allow calls from contacts).

This one change saved me from constant disruptive unwanted calls.

Life is good on No Ring Lane.”

4. Time to tune out.

“Stopped watching the news.

Life’s way better without it.”

5. Good for you.

“Breathing exercises.

Focusing on really deep exhales.

After about 10 mins my whole outlook for the day changes.”

6. Yes!

“I am glad to have gotten older.

All those things that worried me when I was in my 20s just don’t matter anymore.

I’m 67 and much happier.”

7. Always a good move.

“Cutting out toxic “friends”.

After years of knowing someone it can be hard to see that they are no longer the person they were when the relationship started. My childhood best friend grew into a manipulative selfish prick. For years I hung out with him almost every day after work and always felt miserable afterwards.

Everyone around me questioned why I still spent time with him. I always made excuses that seem ridiculous in hindsight. I should have cut ties 10 years ago.”

8. Yes!


I’m an old guy, and discovered it at age 56 in 2005.

By now I’m still not terribly proficient, but yoga has kept me limber. More importantly, it has been amazing for improving my peace of mind.

Whenever somebody asks why I practice yoga, I reply, “For peace of mind.””

9. Just do it!

“Getting my finances in order.

It’s life on easy mode now.”

10. Gamechanger.

“Independent blankets for my wife and I in bed.

Incredible how much better you sleep when there’s no waking up with blankets pulled half off or using one that’s too heavy or too light.

I’d HIGHLY recommend for anyone that sleeps with a significant other.”

11. Stylin’.

“Buying a wardrobe of good quality, properly fitting clothing that I actually like.

Agonizing over what to wear every morning because this doesn’t fit properly, this one has a stain, I just wore that yesterday, I don’t like how this sits on my body would start my day off very badly.”

12. Awesome!

“43 years old.

Started exercising regularly again. 4x a week.

Forget the physical benefits for a minute, the mental benefits outweigh the “gains” all day.”

13. Nice!

“Bought a cart that carries my groceries from the car to my apartment.

No more trying to carry five bags in each hand.”

14. A new life.

“Eating healthy.

It’s amazing after you realize how much you feel like s**t after you just took down a double cheese burger, extra large fries, and a large Coke, but at the time, you don’t realize it and just “think” you’re tired.

Good eating habits and exercising changed my life.”

What improvements have you made that changed your life?

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