14 People Share the Discontinued Foods They Wish Would Make a Comeback

Don’t call it a comeback!

Actually, you know what? Do go ahead and call it a comeback, because that is what these people are all calling for; foods that been discontinued to have a resurrection!

You ready to dive in? (Also, this article might make you hungry).

What discontinued foods would you like to see brought back?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. The golden age.

“Garfield Pizza Flavored Pasta.

SUPER good!

Those of you who didn’t live in the late 1980s and early 90s missed the golden age of canned pastas.”

2. Not the same…

“Those strawberry creme savers.

The original ones are gone and now there’s some horrible tasting knockoff in its place.”

3. Sounds wild.

“Apparently I’m the only one of my friends who remembers these, but those fries from Burger King that you would get with a separate bag and a packet of cheese powder.

You’d proceed to shake the s**t out of both of them in the bag and you’d have cheddary fries.

So good.”

4. Amen!

“The Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell.

Maybe I should be thanking them for getting rid of it because I have no reason to go to Taco Bell now.”

5. Time to bring it back.

“Chewy oat and honey granola bars from Nature Valley.

I’ve only seen the crunchy ones for a few years now.”

6. It’s over…

“Hershey’s BarNone.

It was my favorite chocolate when I was a kid.

Then I researched about it few years ago, they discontinued producing it a long time ago.”

7. Re-discontinued. Doh!

“Maruchan instant wonton soup. It was a staple after-school snack for me when I was a kid. I think about it often and miss it a lot.

Maruchan brought it back a while ago for a sales test but it’s impossible to find again so I think it got re-discontinued.”

8. Do you remember?

“Bonkers would be my pick.

My favorite candy as a kid and I still remember that purple package they came in.”

9. Very satisfying.

“The original Now&Laters formula that would pull out fillings.

It was so satisfying to chew on those and they felt more sour and juicy.

Now they’re soft and my favorite candy is no more.”

10. A relic from the past.

“7up Gold.

I must have been in a test market because many people I talk to have never heard of it. It had a cinnamon-cardamom and maybe ginger flavor?

But it had a bit of a bite to it rather than being sweet like ginger ale. I LOVED it. Must have been the late 1980s? I still miss it.”

11. Sorry to hear that.

“Mandarin Orange Slice.

Had a craving for it the other day and all I can do is drink things that are not Mandarin Orange Slice.”

12. The good stuff!

“Jolt Cola.

“All the sugar, and twice the caffeine!” One of their slogans, the one that stuck with me.”

13. I think it’s time…

“Altoids shad sour chewing gum (Apple and Cherry flavors) during the early 2000s.

They use to sold a whole line of sour-flavored gum until they were discontinued sometime in 2010 or so.

Wish they brought them back since Altoids is nothing but mints.”

14. You sound very passionate.


No question about it. It was like no other chocolate milk. The flavor and the texture of the powder were like no other chocolate milk created in the history of mankind. It was so delicious that our family’s main method of consuming it was to barely dip a shallow spoonful of the powder into the milk and scoop up the barely dissolved milky powder and just eat it.

I know it sounds strange (my friends definitely make fun of me for it lmao), but it was undeniably heavenly. Hershey’s was practically selling chocolate gold.

But then in like 2008 they discontinued it in favor of their stupid chocolate syrup. WORST DECISION EVER MADE BY A CORPORATION EVER. IT IS NOT THE SAME AT ALL. My family was DEVASTATED. It was like a family member had been decapitated right before our eyes.

We frantically ran around to every grocery store – even the military commissary that was like an hour and a half away – checking to see if there was any left that we could buy up. There was none. We wept.

But in 2013, I found someone selling cartons of them on ebay for ~$25 each. A complete rip off, but what could you do. I showed my dad, and to my surprise he bought us $500 worth. Mind you, we are not very well off at all. Even though it only came out to like 20 boxes and only lasted us a year or so, it was well worth the money.

No chocolate milk powder will EVER come close to what Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Powder was.


I would do anything to get it back. Please bring it back.”

How about you?

What discontinued foods do you wish we be brought back?

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