14 People Share The Hilariously Simple Concepts That Confused Them As Children

There are some things about life that just don’t make sense until you have some knowledge, years, and experience under your belt, but looking back, it can be pretty funny how something relatively simple made absolutely zero sense to you as a kid.

If you’re ready to laugh with some people looking back at their childhood selves and shaking their heads, these 14 folks are sharing some hilarious takes!

14. In fact, it happens all the time.

It does devalue the whole thing just a little bit.

13. I hate everything about this story.

Don’t do this to your kids, people.

12. What else would she think?

I hope that mom got some privacy before the main event.

11. I, too, think this should be part of the deal.

It would make things so much more interesting.


10. Kids are so literal.

These examples are super funny.

9. Now that would be commitment.

I’m just saying.

8. Has the doctor ever shot you before?

My land, no trust!

7. I think it’s so cute when kids get mad they weren’t included in your life before them.

Precious little noisemakers.

6. An overactive imagination.

That’s something kids do well.


5. Their parents probably thought they were mental.

One of the perks of having kids is laughing at them.

4. This is devastating from the kid’s perspective.

No wonder they cry!

3. They should have just had a chat.

Her mom definitely had no idea.


2. There are no secrets once you have kids.

Just ask your kids’ teachers.

1. This is a great Dad story.

I’m going to have to remember it.

Man, childhood was the best, right?

You could be clueless and people thought it was cute!