14 People Share the Scams That Most People Don’t Realize Are Underhanded

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Because there are a whole lot of scams going on around us that we don’t even realize are scams!

It’s true…and it’s also pretty scary…

AskReddit users went on the record and discussed things that most people don’t realize are scams.

Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t do it!

““Free Trials” that ask for your credit card anyways?

I’ve never tried buying them because I don’t know what actually happens and I don’t wanna lose random money.”

2. Yup.

“Mega churches.

When the preacher’s suit cost more than your car….”

3. Shout it out loud!

“Being told not to discuss your salary.

If your boss doesn’t want you discussing salaries it may mean theres a major problem concerning equal pay.”

4. Big money.

“In my own opinion, the wedding industry.

Little girls are taught from birth that they have to have a massive blowout of a wedding. Little boys are taught that they have no say in how their wedding will be.

I just got married, and my wife and I were trying very hard to keep it as cheap as possible while my mother-in-law and mom kept adding bigger and bigger things.

It was a fun party, admittedly, but with a price tag a would have much rather spent on rent and gas.”

5. I’ll try it!

“How much toothpaste you actually need on your toothbrush.

You really only need a pea-sized amount, but every toothpaste commercial would have you believe you need to use a 1-inch strip!”

6. Even unhealthier.

“Low fat products.

They just replaced the fat with sugar and made the food even unhealthier and probably more expensive.”

7. Thoughts on this?


They aren’t even close to being as rare as they are depicted.

So the prices people pay for this glorified coal are just dumb.”

8. Read the fine print.

“Adobe’s subscription model.

The fact that it’s a yearly subscription with a cancellation fee, but they hide that fact well in the small print and let people think it’s a monthly subscription instead, when that’s just the payment schedule.”

9. Overpriced.

“Funeral services

I don’t know the legality of this, but just bury my a** in the backyard and throw a party in my honor, rather than spending thousands.

Doubt I’ll mind considering I’m d**d.”

10. That would be nice.

“The act of doing your own taxes. In other countries, they do it for you, and you can double check them.

But here in America, taxes are so convoluted that you might even have to hire a guy to do them for you, or big bad Government will come and get you!

For those unaware, there are free options for people with simple tax forms. The IRS website has links for their Free File program, which will take you to a partnered site that will file your taxes for free. (Use the link, because just going to the listed site on your own may not get you the Free File.)

I have happily been using TaxACT for several years, as my taxes are usually just one or two jobs a year at most. 2021 will be interesting, as I started investing in s**t, so I don’t know how that process works yet.”

11. Where’s your donation?

“Donating money at checkout.

“Would you like to donate $1 to support ______”. These corporations take the $1 they earn multiplied by millions of customers and use it for a massive tax write off as a large donation.

Donate your money yourself and write it off on your taxes. Even if it is a small amount, don’t contribute to the tax evasion of the mega rich!”

12. All in the marketing.

““Natural ingredients” “All natural” “no chemicals” Bulls**t marketing. Its in food, in skincare in hair care…

Literally EVERYTHING is a chemical. also “natural” MOST of the time is worse for your health

You know whats also natural? arsenic, lead, cianide. You know what is a chemical? water, all vitamins, all proteins… but it doesn’t sound as good if i say dihidromonoxide (water), or retinoic acid (vit A) , or ascorbic acid (vit C)… which is the same thing.”

13. The workweek.

“The 40 hour work week. It was created with the idea that one adult person, working only 40 hours a week would be able to support a family at a decent quality of life and would have the support of a spouse or other adult at home to handle all the cleaning, cooking, etc.

Except now it usually takes both parents working 40+ hours to barely keep their heads above water which makes all the rest of the work at home impossible to fit in unless you can afford to pay someone else to do it.”

14. Hear a lot about this one.

“The Mormon Church.

Most people recognize the insanity of Mormons, but don’t realize how much money is involved with that religion. They are the wealthiest religion on the planet, with a horde of over 100 billion dollars sitting in their bank account.

Okay, they have lots of money, but how does that make them a scam? The fact that all of their money comes off the backs of their members. The members of the church clean, maintain, and operate the buildings.

The members put hours of work in weekly and get absolutely nothing in return. On top of that, they are required to pay 10% of their own income to be in good standing. If they stop paying, their access to the temple is revoked.

Awful scam.”

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