14 People Share Their Biggest Accomplishments Outside of Work and School

Hmmm, this is a tough one.

What would be my biggest accomplishment outside of work and school…?

Maybe when I drove across the country by myself? Twice?

Does that count?

I thought it was pretty cool…

Folks took to AskReddit to share their biggest non-school and non-work accomplishments.

Get ready to cheer for them!

1. Wow.

“Adopted my little sister (16) when I was 21 after my father m**dered my mother.

Helped her finish school and kept a room over her head till she was old enough to move out on her own.”

2. Hero.

“I came across an overturned vehicle and some kids screaming driving from Oklahoma to California. Middle of the night, winter, middle of nowhere. People weren’t stopping but I did. My ex wife didn’t want to stop but I snapped at her.

Turns out a girl had been thrown from a vehicle. Her legs were bent the wrong direction. Applied a makeshift tourniquet and got some blankets from my u-haul….the a truck driver stopped and helped me. He called for paramedics and I helped them carry her over the snow/ice.”

3. Trains!

“I’ve photographed every train station on the Cleveland subway (there are nearly 50), and am currently nearly halfway through photographing every station on the Chicago L.

My photography is probably my proudest accomplishment since it’s really the one thing I’ve done completely on my own terms.”

4. Good job!

“Losing 110 lbs

I haven’t reached “fit” and I don’t really want to start exercising to try, but better than obese I guess.”

5. The great escape.

“I walked and hitch-hiked across the United States to escape the a**sive community I grew up in, and rebuilt my life across a continent, against all odds, when by all respects I should have been d**d by now — whether ki**ed at the hands of someone in that old community, or by starvation or exposure.

Now I’m in a position where I have a good job, am relatively stable, began writing again and am going to start making games again. Maybe even paint again, if I can get therapy to undo the damage that was done that took away my ability to.

So there’s that.”

6. Nailed it!

“I convinced someone that I was interesting enough to date and then marry.

10 years in and he still has no clue he’s been duped.”

7. I’m here for this.

“I started working out in November with the goal of being able to pick up my Alaskan malamute.

He’s an 8 year old big boi, I’m 5’1 woman. As of last week, I can now lift and carry big boi.

The way he looked at me afterwards, with that same face of puppy love and awe, made all the months of effort worth it. Former lap dog is lap dog once again.”

8. Martial artist.

“I have a second degree blackbelt.

I earned it when I was 14 or so 15 so it barely feels like my own anymore though. It feels like a lifetime ago.”

9. Getting healthy.

“Came back from a neck injury and nerve damage.

Was told the atrophy was permanent.

Now I’m back to like 90%.”

10. That rules!

“I starred in a documentary short film that won the “Bill Murray Just For Fun Award” at the 2018 Twin Cities Film Festival – an honor bestowed personally by Bill Murray.”

11. Did it for you.

“Finishing a couple of marathons and 3 small (not iron man) triathlons.

I still have my marathon medals and triathlon race numbers tucked away, they are things I won’t ever throw out, but I also don’t display them as I don’t need for everyone to see them.

These races were for me.”

12. Cool!

“Playing a live concert for the first time this last weekend.

It was only for maybe 30-40 people but it was a huge milestone for me.”

13. Pay it forward.

“I’ve helped build 15 or so homes for the working poor by providing my labor andy cash to Habitat for Humanity.”

14. You did it.

“I beat anorexia.

It’s not something I talk about off Reddit because labels are sticky and no one looks at you the same way after you mention having had mental health issues.”

What do you think is your biggest non-school or non-work accomplishment?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

Thanks a lot, friends!