14 People Talk About Scams That Don’t Get a Lot of Attention

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It’s a sad fact of life that there are scammers EVERYWHERE.

Online, in your town, even in your neighborhood.

They’re out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting or totally oblivious people so they can do whatever it takes to separate folks from their money and their belongings.

So it’s best to always be vigilant!

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about scams that don’t get much attention. Let’s take a look.

1. I’m a little short.

“I work in a store.

Its a small scam but when people pretend not to have enough money at the checkouts its annoying. I don’t mind helping out if you’re legit short money but I don’t like being taken advantage of.

Also how stupid did this one lady think I was one day?

She said she didn’t have enough but I could see more money in her other hand… which she suddenly ‘found’ when I suggested putting something back instead.”

2. False advertising.

“That shop with the “Closing Down Sale” that’s lasted years.

They ain’t never closing down!”

3. Get your life together.


Not only is it a huge scam but also a lot of life coaching schools are structured like cults.

Similar to Scientology.

Please beware!!!”

4. I’ve heard about this…

“Time shares!

They are extremely overpriced, and it impossible to get out of the contract.”

5. Keep your eyes open.

“Beware of Pickpockets” signs in touristy areas.

It triggers an individual to reflexively check their pockets, allowing observant pickpockets to know where your wallet is.”

6. Warranties.

“If I combined all the extended warranties I’ve ever purchased for my car, cellphones, multiple computers, furniture etc, that I have never used once, I would be THOUSANDS of dollars richer.

My advice is to put that money into a savings account for repairs as they happen instead of paying companies who prey on you valuing the newness of your recently purchased item.

The products were likely designed to break exactly as that warranty expires anyway.”

7. Beauty.

“The beauty industry, for all genders.

Some people genuinely enjoy getting dolled up, and do it for the pleasure of it, and the way it makes them feel. Great!

But for most people, society spends your whole life telling you that the way you look is a problem, and these companies profit off of the resulting insecurities.”

8. A good tip.

“Sunscreen, lotion, anything in a squeeze bottle.

Everyone’s instinct is to just toss it after they can’t squeeze any more out. But if you cut open the bottles and scrape out the inside, you get around a 1/4 to a 1/3 more of the product.

My wife just cut open our various sunscreens that we thought were out, and got an almost full Tupperware container of sunscreen.”

9. The bare minimum.

“Grass fed beef, cruelty free eggs, etc.

If it comes from a factory farm, it is made to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

They meet the bare minimum requirements for the label, which aren’t the idealized standards you have in your head.”

10. Not free.

“Turbo Tax being “free”.

Their website leads to a pay wall no matter where you click.

You have to go to a completely different web address to get the free version.”

11. Beware.

“Multi level marketing/pyramid schemes.

And without fail, someone always comes through and says “but I know someone who made a lot of money!” Except these companies used to release income disclosures and it shows that’s impossible. According to their disclosures, less than 1% of active distributors turn a profit and even then “profit” is debatable.

And plus, they’re also told to lie to suck in recruits so of course they told you they made a lot of money. Carrie, who joined six weeks ago, didn’t hit the ground floor of the pyramid scheme, so she’s not in the top .1% making the actual money.”

12. Think about it.

“Buying basic clothing/gear with the companies gigantic logo on it.

Example: Cabelas, Nike, North Face, etc.

You’re actually paying the company to advertise for them.”

13. Pretty bad.

“American health insurance.

Think about how much your employer contributes to your health insurance, and then factor in what you contribute, and then factor in how much your insurance actually covers when you do go into the doctors, and then factor in the risk of going to a facility and then being treated by people that is not covered by your insurance…..

How much do you spend for services actually rendered?”

14. Work til you die.

“The 8-hour workday. I know very few folks who put in less than ten.

Every office job I’ve had provides an hour lunch. Only you’re expected to work into lunch to get work done or simply prove that you’ve earned a raise.

The pressure is even higher when your team is close knit and seeming like a slacker is effectively leaving folks high-and-dry.”

Now we’d like to hear from you.

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