14 People Talk About the Best Meal They Ever Had That They Probably Won’t Have Again

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These responses are likely to make you do two things: get jealous and get HUNGRY. I know that’s how I feel right about now…

I think the best meal I ever had that I’ll probably never have again was at a steak and seafood restaurant in Hawaii in 2004. I was there for my sister’s wedding and a few of us went to dinner and it was AMAZING. And it’s been all downhill ever since…

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this question…

1. You REALLY can’t ever have them again.

“Scallops. They were incredibly fucking delicious. Sautéed with garlic and butter, perfectly cooked, melt-in-your mouth.

Unfortunately, that’s how I found out I was allergic to shellfish. So I won’t ever be having them again. Unless I’m ready to die.”

2. This is beautiful.

“For me its because the people who made them are no longer alive. but my grandparents food simple Mexican food that no matter how hard I try to recreate will never have the same taste or smell.

And every bite filled you with an internal warmth that just made you feel like you were some important being idk how to explain it. Even breakfast tacos i remember waking up two hours before school to go sell them and his home made salsa everyday. simple times.”

3. Down in the Keys.

“I went on a fishing trip with my brother and a couple friends down to Marathon in the Florida Keys. We took our boat, stayed in a tent in this campground, and there was a restaurant there with a Cajun chef named “Frenchie.”

One day we had a pretty good haul. Spanish Mackerel, Yellowtail Snapper, and quite a few fish we didn’t really know what to do with. Frenchie saw our catch and offered a deal. Give him the fish we didn’t want, and he’d take the rest and cook it up Cajun style with sides and everything…for free.

Okay, drinks weren’t free, but oh my god. A couple hours later the four of us were treated to a feast of epic proportions. Imagine one of those “all you can eat” fish dinners but with fresh fish you caught that day, cooked expertly by a real Cajun acting as your own personal chef for the evening.”

4. Almost brought to tears.

“I was a broke student in Boston. I had like $4 to my name. I was fucking starving so I just walked into a restaurant in Chinatown and just told the waiter that I had $4 and just wanted some lunch.

He laughed at me, sat me down, and brought out the most delicious, but simple food. It was chicken, with some green vegetable I couldn’t identify, but it was dark and pungent, and a huge bowl of rice. I was almost in tears it was so good.”

5. Brotherly love.

“Right before my brother passed away he was brought home from the hospital so he could live the rest of his life in comfort. One night I woke up to noises and a crash downstairs. I went to investigate and my brother was standing there in his pj’s and slippers and a whole carton of eggs broken on the floor.

We cleaned it up together and then made scrambled eggs. We ate it sitting on the table with beers even though he wasn’t supposed to drink. That was my last meal with my best friend because two hours after I fell asleep next to him he passed away. Now, whenever I feel lonely without him I make myself scrambled eggs and beer and eat it sitting on the table.”

6. Once in a lifetime.

“I worked on an archaeological dig in rural Italy when I was in college. One night, I was pitch-black drunk hobbling back to our camp from the small town’s only “club” when it began to rain. I tripped and broke my glasses right in front of a concerned elderly Italian woman’s driveway.

She yelled from her door to invite me in, cleaned me up, and served me fried rabbit with tomatoes, spaghetti carbonara, and a cappuccino. Her husband had been a chef and restauranteur for years before his death, and she had helped around the kitchen. When he died, so did their business, and her cooking for me was the first time she’d prepared a meal for another person in two years.

Judging from her anecdote about feeding American GIs during World War II, she had to be at least 90, and this was in 2018. That meal simply will never materialize again, in any way.”

7. Just doesn’t taste the same.

“Our family used to own a Chinese restaurant. My uncle woke up at 4am to make the noodles and to make Chinese roast pork.

After he died, my relatives went with just getting noodles delivered from a factory. Our pork also didn’t taste the same. I miss the food at that restaurant.”

8. In Paris.

“About twenty years ago I had lapin au cidre (rabbit braised in cider) at a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood restaurant in Paris with a girlfriend and a great group of friends.

It was a tasty meal, but mostly I’ll never be twenty-two, carefree, and in the throws off new romance again.”

9. Best meal of all time.

“There’s an area in Rhode Island that has a bunch of old Italian restaurants that have been there forever: Something Hill I think? I was there for work once and ate at one of them for dinner.

It was legit the best meal I’ve ever had. Just the appetizer soup was probably better than any other restaurant food I’ve had. You could tell it was awesome family recipes that they’ve been making for generations. I’ll probably never be in that state again.”

10. This sounds excellent.

“I once ate this absolutely divine calamari meal in Greece, it was grilled calamari with side of Greek salad and drinks and it was at a sea food restaurant right on the sea shore on a hot summer evening.

Some day I hope to visit again so I can find anything similar, had it twice and never again anything like it elsewhere I tried.”

11. What an experience.

“On a long hike in Easter Nepal, some of our porters, mostly Tamang, and Sherpa were just 16 like me and we chatted as much as a language barrier would let us.

One time we arrived to a little village after a week of just the empty trail, and my new friends took me to a local hut that had a fire on just for the Nepalese working there, and an old lady cooking. In there they gave me a cup of hot rakshi and I tried some small bits of fried yak. Very chewy but really nice when heavily salted.

That’s an experience I don’t think I’ll ever get again.”

12. The simple things…

“This is one of my favorite stories. So, when I was 19, about to turn 20 in college I was suffering from DKA from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. Basically for several months my blood sugar was through the roof and I had all the classic symptoms, extreme thirst, muscle cramps, bad sleep, peeing all the time.

As I had been eating normally, and kinda in the excess of a 19 year old college student, it wasn’t helping and my body was unable to turn any of the carbohydrates or food into energy. Well long story short, after I figured out I needed serious medical attention I drove to the emergency room and got quickly brought up to the ICU. I spent the day in the ICU getting tested positive for diabetes and nurses began giving me insulin to get my levels under control.

Late into the evening after having not eaten all day, and kinda technically for months, I desperately needed food. I convinced the nurses to get me something and they brought me one of those generic boxed meals they have at hospitals.

It was a Ham sandwich on white bread with mayo, it was to this day the single greatest thing i’ve ever eaten because for the first time in months my body was able to actually use it, and somehow it tasted like that.”

13. Turkish delight.

“I was in Istanbul on my own in 2015, and had gotten asked on a date by this vaguely hipstery Turkish guy around my age that sold me about $160 worth of Turkish Towels. I was there for the second week of Ramadan, and we couldn’t do it until my last night in the city because he had family stuff the other nights, but I decided to say fuck it and agree to go with him.

Now, in and around the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia there are tons of people that have picnic and break their fast there, since it’s basically a huge open public space. Just tons of kids playing, young couples out and about, old Turkish women and men sitting around in groups gossiping.

This guy decided this was our best bet (he later told me he felt secure doing it this way, since he didn’t want me freaking out by a random turkish guy hauling me off into a random part of the city.) He then proceeds to bust out plastic containers of turkish food, all stuff his mom made.

Literally some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. So I broke this guys fast with him with the best Turkish food (and people watching!) I’ll ever have in my life, and then we went and got full Turkish tea services this place on a patio in the park by topkapi palace overlooking the Bosporus (Admittedly pretty touristy. But still awesome).”

14. Come on Dad, I need that recipe!

“My dad’s amazing sandwich. Way back when I was little, he made this bomb ass sandwich with ingredients you’ve never thought of combining, like egg, sweet soya sauce, ketchup, bacon, corned beef, etc.

I forgot the exact combination but it’s so delicious. However, my mom got mad at him for making “unhealthy shit meals” for the kids, so he got dejected and never made it again.

He’s still here, but to this day whenever I bring it up, he says he doesn’t remember and says I’m hallucinating. I’m not, it’s so good that I kept remembering to this day. I wish my Dad could remember the recipe 🙁 “

Okay, now I’m absolutely starving…

How about you? What do you think is the best meal you ever had that you’ll most likely never have again?

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