14 People Talk About What They’d Like to Buy But Can’t Afford

We all want things we can’t afford, it’s just human nature.

Maybe you dream about a fancy car or a huge house or some crazy clothes or shoes that are only reserved for the elite.

Hey, we all have those thoughts…

What do you want to buy but you can’t afford?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. New shoes.

“Shoes for work.

After teleworking for 2 years I am having trouble wearing my 4 inch heels again.

And a lot of them are disintegrating from age anyway.

I need 3 inch heels.”

2. Interesting.

“A little vanity, but I h**e shaving with a passion, yet I do not want a beard either. I want a full facial electrolysis so I’ll never have to shave again. I have very itchy razor burn right now

To add to the vanity I also am thinning on the top of my head, and I also want the expensive hair transplants that look real (not the cheap ones that you know are fake).

Between the hair transplant and the facial electrolysis I’ve got to be well over $50k+ but I want the real stuff that works, but I also don’t have that kind of money either.”

3. All worked up.

“An apartment. Furniture. New shoes mine have holes or dont fit properly.


I’m angry, can you tell?”

4. Important.

“A good office chair.

The one I have at my home desk now k**ls my back, but the good ones are all too much for a student like me.”

5. Need some wheels.

“A new bicycle.

I lost my nice one a few weeks ago in an accident where I could have d**d and can’t afford a replacement even though its going to cost more in the long run.”

6. A project.

“I would love to buy a project car for myself but I can’t afford it.

There are just too many things that need repair or replacement before the car is in showroom condition, and I don’t have enough funds left over after buying a reliable daily driver to invest in such an upgrade.

The thrill of the hunt and doing all the work customizing my own ride is what really appeals to me, though; that’s one thing even a new Audi wouldn’t be able to provide me with!”

7. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“A built-in pool for my kids to enjoy.

I’m tired of having to drive them to various friends and family pools to use.”

8. Privacy.

“A private place to live.

I have lived in my parents basement not even a year after marriage, and I don’t see how we are ever going to get out in this stupid pandemic of inflation and shortages.”

9. A new friend.

“Not really for myself but I’d like to get a cat as a friend for my dog because she doesn’t like other dogs and she really likes the cats we see when we’re out.

But I can’t afford a cat and all the stuff they need as well as all the stuff my dog needs and the allergy medication I’d have to take every day, so unfortunately she’ll have to wait for a while.”

10. Tools.


Saving for a new table saw but my husband says we have to pay for groceries and the mortgage, or something stupid like that.”

11. Ugh.

“A bed. I’m sleeping on a 19 year old recliner.

I’m full of hardware and it’s not happy, constantly poked and prodded with broken springs.”

12. Time to make some music.

“Just a cheap desktop to make music on. I’ve been using a laptop that’s almost 15 years old I think. It’s got an insane amount of issues.

One day I’ll be able to get it. As I’m pretty serious about music and make some intricate works with what I have. I used to have a pretty nice desktop around a decade ago.

But for a lot of random ideas, I’m stuck with a laptop that was probably made in the late Bush years.”

13. A big one.

“New glasses.

My prescription is so thick, and unless I want coke bottle glasses, I have to have them shaved down. Which costs extra. So do I cheap out on the frame, or the shaving?

Why can’t I have nice affordable glasses?”

14. I would love this.

“A dog sanctuary.

A place where they could run and play and swim and chase balls and tear things up and dig holes and get muddy and all of those other doggy things that dogs love to do.

They would never get yelled at and would feel safe. They would all know they are loved.”

What do you want to buy but you can’t afford?

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